Newborn Cot Beds

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A cot or cot bed is one of the most significant purchases for a baby. A cot’s sole use is for a baby to sleep in, whereas a cot bed which is bigger than a cot, is designed to convert into a low bed, known as a junior bed, for when the baby becomes a toddler. Once the child reaches toddler age, the cot bed’s removable sides help convert it into a small bed, which then requires a new mattress and special bedding.

Are cots safe for newborns?

A newborn cot bed can be used as soon as a baby is brought home. As it will be his/her bed for the next three up to 5 years, it is important they sleep in comfort. A sleepless baby equals restless parents. To this end, it is important to choose a mattress wisely. There are five main mattresses to choose from: natural, fibre, pocket, Purflo, foam and sprung. Newborn cot beds has to be finished with baby safe paints and should be complementary to all the british standards and safety norms.

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