Modern Sofas

Modern Sofas

Here at Funique we realize how fundamental is making the right choice about the perfect sofa to your living room. This is why, throughout our wide selection of contemporary sofas we constantly make sure that all the styles, shapes, fabrics and colours we offer, are just what is needed to accomplish the most wanted, recent look and feel. The range combines fashionable style with exceptional finishes and premier quality materials for a final product that is unique and breathtaking.

What is currently presented within our Modern Sofas range is a delightful assortment of designs and shapes – from Single to Four Seaters, with visible or invisible legs, with straight or corner layout, with wide or narrow arms, and some of them with practical function of converting to a bed. Each and every one of them deliver a desirable neat look, low maintenance and overall a contemporary feel. There is an extensive selection of enduring fabrics too, and since every material is of highest accessible quality: from Belgian and Dutch manufacturers, we promise that they will last many years and will survive many tea parties and thousands of your family’s favourite TV episodes.

Assembled from hardwood for a solid structure, our Modern Sofas are complemented with generous 10 years guarantee on frames, that makes them an ideal and only choice when it comes to long lasting quality. Additionally, a blend of best available foams used for padding provide an extraordinary comfort, while preventing our beautiful sofas from permanent deformations.

We are genuinely convinced that every element of our carefully developed Modern Sofas range is being updated quick enough to create the most innovative, efficient, comfortable and fascinating selection out there. With our unbeatable prices the experience of buying a sofa is unique: such a fantastic value is not available elsewhere.

We know buying sofa online can sometimes be risky. That is why we offer Free Returns with free collections, 10 years frame warranty, free fabric samples. We make that all to make your shopping experience nice and pleasant.