Lennox Modern Sofa 4 Sea

If you are looking around your living room and think that it’s the time for a change, Funique will be more than able to help you. The perfect sofa can refresh your space so changing the whole interior won’t be necessary. Quality Lennox Modern 4 Seat Sofa can fulfil this task with ease as it is wonderfully upholstered with a top quality fabric and with its generous size will become the focal point of your living room. Lennox 4 Seater Sofa was design with your comfort in mind, ultra soft cushioning and oversized seats will be enjoyed by the whole family and your cat will find its cozy spot too. Lennox 4 Seat fabric sofa with its modern look and traditional comfort will help you unwind and reenergize after long day at work and will be an irreplaceable for afternoon naps.

Solid beech frame and 10 years frame warranty makes it even more desirable furniture in your private collection.

Available also as Lennox Modern 3 Seat Sofa.