How to Get Rid of Your Old Sofa

Old Couch Disposal

Whether you are or planning to be a happy owner of a new sofa you will always have to deal with one problem. What to do with the old one?

There are many reasons why you should buy and enjoy your new sofa. Usually, we decide to get a new furniture when the old ones become worn down, uncomfortable or they age stylistically and just go out of fashion. It is no secret that most of couches doesn’t age very gracefully and they quickly cease to be visually appealing. Due to the rapid wear out of cheap sofas they are particularly worth replacing.

When your sofa needs retirement?

- the fabric has been worn down over time ( not worth reupholstering )

- the leather has cracked and faded over time ( not worth replacing )

- It smells unpleasant from many reasons ( smoke-filled environment, pets, stains etc. )

- It's structurally damaged and unsuitable for use in your home


Stay thoughtful and do not waste anything, which may be useful to someone else!

Estimate the condition of your old sofa and decide if there is a chance to keep it alive. Destruction and expulsion is a last resort.You can find many other solutions than abandoning it on the street. Sofas that are cosmetically damaged you can:

- Find out if your furniture shop will take your old couch when you are buying a new one from them. It is worth asking.

- Hold a Garage Sale. If you feel your sofa is in good enough shape, you can get rid of it on garage sale. To get better price get it cleaned professionally. The condition is to sell some other items that your own garage sale can take place. Pluses: if you will manage to sell it on garage sell you will save time on posting offer in the internet and optional - on shipping.

- Place it in a Rummage Sale. You can place used sofa in a community center, school rummage sale or any other rummage market. In such situation you do not have to set up your own garage sale and your organizational responsibilities are very limited. It is better solution if your sofa happens to be the only item to sell.

- Sell / exchange / give away sofas online UK. There are many websites that can help you get rid of used sofa ( for example: eBay, Freegle, Craigslist, gumtree, ). You can try either selling it or giving it away for free. Remember to make good quality pictures and to mention in the offer whether you will deliver or the buyer needs to pick it up.

- Pass it on. Ask your family and friends if they are interested taking it from you or they know somebody who will be… It does not need a lot of effort and everybody knows that the word of mouth is a powerful source.

- Place an ad for students. If you live in a collage town remember that students are always looking for cheap or free furniture to arrange rented boardinghouse or flat.

- Donate to a charity. Donating used furniture helps those less fortunate than you and also keeps the environment in better shape by reducing waste! You may consider giving your sofa away to a shelter for the homeless, your local school or another social facility. You can also use the help of the local organizations, most of them will pick up the furniture from your home and give you a tax receipt. To get that kind of support contact the Furniture Donation Network, the Furniture Re-use Network or charities like Goodwill, Salvation Army or St Vincent DePaul.

What to do when your sofa is not suitable for selling or donating?

Ok. So what to do when you already decided to get a new couch but you stuck with your old one and there is no chance to sell or donate it?  How to dispose sofas in UK?

If you tried everything to prevent your sofa from going to a landfill, but it is really badly damaged and there is no chance to repair it, have it disposed. Good way to do that is to consult your local council and ask if they provide services for hauling away your damaged items. Usually it is possible for a fee (most likely around £20 ). Check availability in your postcode online using the UK government website.

Remember that dumping your waste in any public or private space is against the law and can attract serious fines. If you do not want to pay £5,000 penalty, it’s important to dispose of your sofa legally. When you want to hire a waste carrier to remember to check if it is certified. You can be subject to fines in case some rogue waste carriers dump the items they collect in public areas leaving you liable for any fines!

Summary and good advice.

There are some steps you can take in the future to make things easier for yourself. A good investment for the future is to buy high quality modern sofas, because it has a unique, simple and timeless design, which you will not get bored for a long time.  Also, in case you will decide to make some changes, such universal sofa can be moved to another part of the apartment to serve another function. Even if you will decide to sell it for some reason, you will meet with greater interest and get rid of it easily.

Do you want to have the most varied choice? Buy sofa online! On the internet, you will find a greater range of products than in the stationary store. This will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding customers having trouble finding suitable furniture for themselves.

Remember: There’s no ‘wrong’ reason to dispose of a sofa, but there are plenty of right reasons to dispose of your old sofa and buy a replacement. Check sofas online UK and pick something cozy especially for you to make relaxation at home a special time.

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