Classic & Traditional Sofas

Traditional SOFAS

Classic furniture rarely goes out of style. Whether your choice sets on two or three-seater, you can be sure it will brighten your space with its pure lines, constitute the excellence of recognized value and will be less likely to make you tired of its view. Our quality traditional sofas give indication of shapes that have been popular and widely appreciated for a long time, as they represent deep and comfortable style that fits in every room. The countless number of configurations of sofas uk means you can solve any layout problem while encouraging a professional and stunning look over the years.

Every traditional sofa from Funique is established on solid wooden frame and we do everything that is possible to cooperate with manufacturers that treat forests responsibly and choose their sources wisely. Being green includes the production from start – the moment of selecting materials and putting them together, to finish – caring about every impact the product might have on the environment, once it is made. Our quality traditional sofas are controlled from this angle at every stage of constructing process.

Within our sofas uk limitless upholstery variations are available. To learn about options in addition to what is shown by every our sofa online, please check the section for fabric swatches. We offer many different colours and textures to choose from; it includes a collection of textiles of linen structure, as well as a range that has velvety look and plain or patterned, stripy feel, and many more, extremely durable fabrics of high resilience. Each and every sofa online from Funique has many available coverings for your convenience and individual taste.  Don’t forget, that classic style is not only a traditional sofa. You are welcome to choose your favourite fabric from our range for accessories, like curtains and cushions. Together with your quality traditional sofa, they will create a unique, charming look you will not be able to resist.