Meco Armchair With Wooden Legs

Meco Armchair is the chair you need if you are as big fan of armchairs and classic style as we are. Simple and elegant touch of 50s in a shape of Meco single seater will add uniqueness and charm to any space.

Beautifully made by European craftsmen and upholstered with great quality Hopper fabric, Meco 1 seat sofa is one of the timeless furniture that will become part of the family history. Deep and comfortable seat will welcome you any time day or night and will help your mind and body to relax. Depending on your needs, it can be part of your living room or bedroom décor. Wherever you place it, Meco Armchair will quickly become irreplaceable.

For a full living room or office set order together with Meco Double Seater sofa and Meco 3 Seat sofa.