Provence New Vintage Furniture Range At Funique

Provance Furniture Collection is a conventional set of stylish home equipment with characteristic white, washed-effect fronts and complementary  pine accompaniments.  Inspired by the French climate it gives an immediate fresh and natural look that comes accordingly with exceptionally cozy and snug atmosphere . Each piece has been lovingly made of real pine wood, with carefulness and great attention to detail to satisfy most demanding traditional furniture lovers.

Within our beautifully designed Provance Furniture range various of different goods can be found, which can complete a collection or simply just add a classic touch to a room. Starting from living room furniture, through dining room, and finally the romantic bedroom – all the components are giving this unique, almost dreamy feel of being close to nature. The whole collection has been created with a great aspiration to provide refined pleasure to almost all of our senses. What you can see is a stunningly made assortment of wooden pieces designed  to surround those with the most discerning taste. Here are the furniture that indeed, while being a part of everyday life, are not only introducing a pleasurable view, but additionally giving a real touch and fragrance of raw wood that takes any owner to the world of peace and unpretentious surroundings . A down-to -earth character of this Provance Furniture Collection would definitely suit anyone who is looking for a unique  feel of belonging to clean, fresh and spotless natural environment.

In our living room range we are offering various sizes and looks of display cabinets, bookcases, sideboards, coffee tables, TV stands. They are finished off in an exceptional manner, all with components of real wood brushed in two colours and combined together: natural pine colour and white-washed colour. White is usually presented at front and on both sides, and natural is situated mainly on top or bottom of every separate piece, with both happening to be added elsewhere, for example, natural pine being used as a shelf in the middle. Solid wood characterizes in numbers of wood knots being visible and this is also the case in our Provance Furniture Collection. Together with all the natural cracks, so much special identity is being added to every part of furnishings offered within this range, but especially in the living room, when most of our time is spent, where all the members of the family are integrating, this special atmosphere is demanded and created with a great help of carefully selected surroundings.

Same design continues within dining room equipment: dining tables, comfortable chairs, various chests of drawers and a stylish wine cabinet.. It would all, combined together, create a perfect set up for celebrating family meals, those well-needed priceless moments with our loved ones. Table, which top is made of wooden boards, brings almost touchable reminder of natural existence around us, and yes, such atmosphere is much needed when it comes to building, cherishing and caring for relationships between the family. But not only the family will benefit from surrounding themselves with this beautiful setup, all friends will too! Think about fantastic dinner parties carried out in this exceptional environment, that has a lot in common with nature, its essence and soul. Everyone wants to be a part of it, be able to separate themselves from a crowd for a moment, from this galloping life.

Not less important, or the most important for some, appears to be the bedroom. Although it is being used mainly during the night, it is essential, that we pay enough attention to this place. Apparently, the way we rest, we sleep and we charge our batteries becomes crucial when it comes to high effectiveness during the day. Not only the low level of noise, not only forgetting about tomorrow’s duties and responsibilities, but also the right setup, that will create the peace of mind, has a great influence on the perfect night’s sleep. In the Provance Bedroom Furniture Set we are offering  several pieces, that composed together, they would create a proper scheme for a peaceful place. Dressing tables, bedside chests, wardrobes (mirrored too), and, of course, a huge bed! All in a harmony with nature: with colours, materials, design and attention to details. There is a matching bedroom mirror too. All composed together to offer a complete, pleasurable look, based on a natural harmony, bringing to mind everything that is really important in life.