Why Is Nursery Furniture Assembly So Important

Our children are precious, we want what’s best for them; the best possible life, the happiest family, the most beautiful environment to live in. When you find out you are going to have a child, your mind is instantly full of hopes and dreams for the new little person who is about to enter your life. 

You are embarking on creating a future, a future in which you will protect your child from everything and everyone, a future where they will be cherished in every way. Their nursery is the way that this often begins. You envision a haven for them, somewhere they will be happy and looked after forever, somewhere they will always be safe.

Then the nursery room set arrives; it is often a self-assembly, you are heavily pregnant and the pieces are large. Your partner tries to build it, but as we all know big pieces of furniture often take more than one pair of hands, with pieces needing slotting together simultaneously.

Not only that, but with many people not having the opportunity to use their DIY skills often, it can often by both time consuming and stressful to build something so important. After all you want to make sure that it is built to the highest possible standards, to ensure that it not only stands the test of time but that it is safe not only for your newborn child but for the robust toddler they will become.

That is where Funique can come in. As long as you live in London or within 50 miles of the capital, our new furniture assembly service can make sure that your nursery furniture is assembled, and more importantly that it is assembled safely. Our assemblers will ensure that you need not do any heavy lifting and that your furniture is built to the highest safety standards, ensuring that your little one will be in the best possible hands.

What’s more is that we understand how busy this time is for you, which means that we can work at a time which is convenient for you. Whether you require assistance during the week or at weekends, daytime or in the evening, we will make sure that our team can meet your needs. In addition, not only will you benefit from our excellent package prices on Nursery Sets, but our assembly service is also attractively priced; ensuring that you get the best possible product, built in the comfort of your own home, at the best possible price.

Why not contact us to discuss your requirements further; we would love to help you create the nursery you have dreamt of and we are confident you will be impressed not only with the end product but with our fantastic prices and quality services. 

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