Limited nursery space ideas

Arranging the furniture in the baby bedroom seems like a real fun, right? Not so much if you need to face limited options due to a very small space dedicated to the children's kingdom. It can be a difficult task at times, trying to balance what looks nice with what will be more practical. The best way to sort out such concerns is to keep in mind that sensible qualities goes first when choosing the layout for the nursery.

It is not a secret that when it comes to such essential interior, we all love anything that makes home feel like a beautiful space to be in. That is why, we are looking at gorgeous baby rooms and then, planning to buy one million of cute but unnecessary items. Despite the budget and other aspects, most of us would go crazy on baby’s special room. But, when the enthusiasm slowly decreases and the emotions tempers, the common sense knock on our door and asks what are the practicalities in setting up the nursery? What do we actually need?

Most of all, you need to keep the room’s function in mind. Your child needs a safe and comfortable place to grow up and enjoy first years of being adorable and most important in the world. So function trumps fashion in the modern nursery! Even if you want the nursery to look super cute there is no need to struggle when trying to decide on a layout for our nursery. We have many tips for you to arrange something lovely, but consistent with a natural flow and practicality, perceptible in each piece of furniture and accessory.

Focusing on functionality and usability, we should try to imagine all the different activities that will take place in the nursery, like: sleeping, feeding, changing diapers and clothes, etc. Then associate these activities with all necessary furniture, which should be in the room to make your life easier. It is not so complicated, isn’t it? Adjust your limits for essential needs and choose the furniture that will make daily duties and routine go smoothly and quite effortless.

First of all, the cot bed should be your investment piece in the room. You may be thinking this is a temporary piece and not worth the expense, but keep in mind that many kids sleep in their cots for three or more years. Furthermore, if you’re planning to have more children, a sturdy and multifunctional cot bed can last for a long long time. You may be surprised with the variety of options when it comes to baby cot. Again, we advise you to focus on the practical side and choose something extremely useful and multifunctional. We can give you an examples of the most advanced baby furniture, that rescue parents who have a really difficult space situation.

Here you have a double-duty Moonlight convertible cot bed with bottom drawer and changing table that includes a chest of drawers and a super smart piece - 3 in 1 cot bed with built-in storage beneath and on the side + clever changing station 

The nursery chair is also a most important purchase in the nursery, as a comfortable place to sit is indispensable. You’ll use it to rock your baby to sleep, feed her/him, read or cuddle. In short, it’ll be a place of a lot of parent-baby bonding, so choose it  wisely. It may be best to group the cot bed and a chair close together, as it makes it easy to grab baby at any time (also in the middle of the night) and sit down to feed comfortably.

Another grouping that works best together is a chest of drawers and changing table. You may have noticed that the tiniest people need the most stuff. Babies are so little when they first come home from hospital, but they grow quickly and accumulate a looot of 'essentials'. Not only clothing, but wraps, blankets, nappies, rugs, sleeping bags, toys, etc. - so decent storage is a must-have.

First and foremost, you’ll need somewhere to actually change your baby. You have many options here, too, but undeniably with the limited space the changing top is a fantastic option. The Moonlight nursery dresser the same as changing table installed on a 3 in 1 cot bed are adapted to a comfortable changing height. The best part of a changing top is when you’re out of the diaper phase, you can remove it and you’re left with a dresser for your toddler. So get a decent chest of drawers for your baby’s clothes, because they grow so quickly that pretty soon you’ll need lots of space for bazillion items of clothing. Additionally, the baby clothes are tricky to put on coat hangers, so drawers are much easier for storing their clothes.

Do not worry that choosing practical furniture, you will lose on the overall appearance of nursery. The fact is, that multifunctional furniture should have a calm and light design, but you can successfully enter the unique and unique style to the room by investing in super cute additives and ornaments.

Remember that much of what makes a nursery look special are the little touches, or the accessories. The baby bedding is a great place to have fun and pull in your own style. You can also use it to incorporate a theme or build a colour palette for the space. Also, a tastefully placed piece of artwork, some pillows, and a rug will make the whole interior a baby’s happy place.

To effectively combine functionality with a wonderful look buy nursery furniture online UK, and enjoy a successful purchase for yourself and little sweetheart, for many years to come. The most important thing you can do in creating this space is to design a nursery that makes you smile, relax and enjoy. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the room!

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