2 Piece Nursery Sets

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57 Item(s)

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Our two-piece nursery sets are perfect for those with a smaller room. Containing a stunning cot or cot bed and accompanying coordinated chest of drawers which in many cases have an attached changing table, these sets are practical and functional without compromising on style.

Whether you choose the ultra-modern Moonlight Nursery Set with its clean lines and sleek angles, the classic yet contemporary Robbie Nursery Set, with its spacious under cot storage and timeless oak finish or the Daisy Unusual Nursery Set which combines classic elegance with modern style, you will not be disappointed.

Or perhaps you are looking to add a splash of colour, in which case why not consider the Grenada Nursery Set, which offers you all the bonus’ of classic white but with a little bit more, perfect for the little prince in your life. Or if you’re looking to be really bold, with a statement piece to remember the Lily Nursery Set has cot bed options in pink, green and grey in addition to timeless white. Compact need not mean dull.

 All of our baby furniture sets is designed and made in Europe, assuring you of not only the highest quality products and the best safety features but of the latest on-trend features. Your nursery will be one to remember. With these beautiful 2 piece nursery sets your choices are endless, a small space does not need to lack style, it can ooze it effortlessly. We have done the hard work for you, finding the highest standards of craftsmanship, ready to bring to your door. All you need to do is to take a look at our products and decide which one reflects your style and the style of your baby. 

2 Piece Nursery Sets Popular Questions & Answers. 

1. What is included in two-piece nursery furniture set?

Well, It might be obvious but it is not. You could think that what you get is cot and chest set but in fact all 2 and 3 piece nursery sets at mrHousey including removable dressing table for the chest. The cot bed mattress is not part of the set. We offer High-Quality Elastic Foam cot mattress available as an option for 2 or 3 piece baby set. 

2. Does the furniture come flat packed or assembled? 

All the nursery furniture come are delivered flat packed. We provide user manuals and try to make an assembly process goes smoothly. If you are pregnant you should avoid lifting and be really careful when doing any activity so we recommend your partner to take care of that or hire professional nursery furniture assembly team

3. What colour should I choose for my baby bedroom

This question may sound a little bit silly but it is not at all. Thinking of a right colour scheme is really important for different reasons. For the first 2 years, you will probably spend as much time in the nursery as your little ones so it should be the place you feel as comfortable as your little luvvy.  Then you should think about colours to create a playful and cheerful place for your baby but not to exaggerate with catchy colours so the room is not getting too creative.
Majority of nursery furniture sets we sell are white or grey sets however we do offer some pink cot and chest sets as well.  

4. Can I buy more furniture my range later? 

Of course, you can, however, we can't guarantee they would be in stock. If we discontinue the range then it may not be possible to buy more items. 
We obviously try to continue the ranges and most of our items have got more furniture for kids and babies in a different age. (Example: toy boxes, bookcases, junior beds 90x200, kids desks etc) . We believe it is a good idea (especially if you on a tight budget) to start with 2 piece cot and chest set and buy the wardrobe and other pieces later. 

5. How To ensure my baby furniture is safe?

Quality is always something you should ensure. Baby furniture is usually made in pine or solid wood or MDF for safety and robustness, and there are British Standards that you may want to check your chosen range conforms to. There are standard for the Cot Beds as well as for the Paints and lacquers used for the baby. We are proud to say all our furniture is made with a great care to safety standards and EU / British regulations. Lacquers and paints are high-grade eco water based ones to ensure the furniture can be used for newborns. The coating is UV and small scratch resistant* to ensure the furniture will look brand new for long ages.  While you won’t want to spend lots on cot bed you’ll only need in the short term, rest of the set could be used when it is time to convert the nursery to kids room or a teen room. We believe looking for quality may force you to spend a little bit more at the beginning but save much more later.  

 *Please check product detail to ensure.