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Modern Cots & Contemporary Cot Beds - We have got them all. Luxury cots and budget ones! 

It is a happy moment for the families when they have a new little member. The new one comes with own requirements. For growing and being healthy newborn babies demands a good sleep. Usually, they spend the majority of the day sleeping. Later, they start to sleep less than before and spend most of the day for energetic activities and to get know well with the world they are new. However, until that period there is an essential task to be done by parents. They need to provide them with a safe environment and a comfort zone. Health experts recommend parents keeping babies in their rooms for the first months. During the first periods of their life, babies can sleep even in noisy surroundings. The conditions change very soon as they grow and the need a silent place. It is time to dedicate for them an individual sleeping zone.

The purchase of the first furniture for their baby is a special moment for the parents. Therefore, they show an exceptional approach while choosing nursery furniture sets. Families, which are sensitive for the design of their home starts to look for a modern baby furniture that will match their accommodation's general look. At this moment, modern cot beds are an excellent option for your baby's first sleeping zone. Majority of the parents find it practical as it has many advantages to consider. One of them is the usefulness of it until your baby will be big enough to switch to a bed. You will not need to arrange a large area for it in the room. By being equipped with bars gives a guarantee to save the child from falling down during the sleep. And of course, the biggest benefit will be the design since contemporary cot beds look pleasant. There are some important points you should consider while choosing a modern baby cot with mattress. First of all, the materials must be harmless. If you are looking for the best cot bed, firstly be sure that it matches the British safety standards (BSEN716). These safety standards designated to secure and prevent every possible danger to infants' life. Moreover, the spaces of bars should change between 2.5cm and 6.5cm and without any cutouts.

MrHousey presents you an option to purchase modern baby furniture online. Our modern cot beds with exquisite design and high-quality will give your home a sense of harmony both for you and your little baby. Our cot beds conform to the above mentioned British safety standards (BSEN716) and other European Union standards.  We give you an option to purchase a mattress that certified with British Standard BS1877 for safety and performance and BS7177 for flammability with the offered cot beds. All our products are made in EU with the suppliance of materials from Italy and Spain.

We are happy to give you an opportunity to furnish your toddler's room with modern, high-quality furniture at affordable prices.

We'll show you all the newest choices and best-designed Cot beds that will go into a contemporary decor setting beautifully. The MrHousey range will always have something that means that you don't have to give up your style to be a parent and we've got all the choices of baby beds and nursery furniture you need to find exactly what you're looking for to get ready for the baby not only in functionality but also in style. Our range of contemporary Cot Beds will bring something into your child’s nursery that will make it look fantastic with its clean lines, soft edges and sturdy build giving your nursery a safe and hip feel. We have unique Cot Bed designs that cannot be found anywhere else with the prices that also cannot be matched. All the Cot beds have been made by hand from carpenters with decades of experience from sustainable materials and all in Europe.

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