Combo Cot Beds

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  1. Cot bed with Storage in Pastel Blue & Pink
    Special Price £349.00 Regular Price £699.00
  2. Compact Cot Bed Convertible to Full Junior Set | FREE MATTRESS
    Special Price £409.00 Regular Price £699.00
  3. Budget Cot Bed With Storage ❗️HOT DEAL❗️
    Special Price £329.00 Regular Price £499.00
  4. 3 in 1 Cot Bed in Grey | Changing Table | Chest Of Drawers
    Special Price £419.95 Regular Price £699.99
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  5. 3 in 1 Cot Bed | Changing Table | Chest Of Drawers
    Special Price £409.95 Regular Price £699.99
  6. Wooden 3 in 1 Cot Bed in White, Grey or Cream
    Special Price £399.95 Regular Price £699.99
    Out of stock
  7. Modern Combo Cot Bed - 3 in 1 Cot
    Special Price £479.00 Regular Price £899.00
  8. Scandinavian Compact Cot Bed With Storage & Dresser
    Special Price £429.00 Regular Price £799.00
  9. Moonlight Modern Nursery Set | Cot & Chest
    Special Price £379.00 Regular Price £699.95
  10. Bijorn Space Saver Cot
    Special Price £649.00 Regular Price £1,299.00
  11. Stars N' Dorps Combo Convertible Combo Cot Bed
    Special Price £689.00 Regular Price £1,299.00

11 Items

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Combo Cot Beds

Modern furniture trends all over the globe are trending towards casual and easy-going pieces that are trendy and stylish look while grabbing less footprint on the floor. Combo cot Beds are a trendy piece of furniture piece to fit into any modern home while allowing exceptional comfort and ease. But yes, cot beds are also considered as part of nursery furniture sets. But the beauty of this furniture piece is that even after the baby grown up, the bed can be used as a separate furniture piece for casual seating or for stretching the body now and then, whether in the living room or just at the portico. Don't think; a baby cot bed is of no use as soon as the baby grows up.

  • A Cot For Baby Is Equally A Furniture Piece Of Stylish Homes

A baby room is just incomplete without a beautiful cot bed in the middle. Moreover, if you want lightweight furniture pieces for your baby room that are equally multifunctional to create more floor space, you can also go for baby cot beds with storage. The best thing about this lightweight furniture is that such pieces remain functional and continue to add to the smartness of a home for years. If you look at most modern homes these days, you can watch most of them going light and avoiding heavier pieces to make way for more floor space beside creating a supple and smooth indoor ambience. Cot beds are ideal to fit into a modern home as a casual piece of furniture as well. 

  • An Outstanding Variety Of Cot Beds For Different Purposes

Cot Beds come in all sizes, shapes and styles and you can expect to give your baby room a decent, low footprint and functionally superb solution with this furniture. Most importantly, such beds also come with inbuilt storage spaces to allow keeping all the baby knickknack and things that are needed now and then to take care of the baby. Combo cot beds are very common that come with attached storage space. 3 in 1 cot bed is also a decent choice with baby storage and baby dresser attached to it. It is a real space saver cot! A cot and chest combined in a piece is the most popular piece that most people prefer for baby rooms these days. 

  • Buy Cot Beds with changing table and storage Online

Now that you have decided to buy a decent lightweight cot bed for your baby room with a wish to make this a stylish addition to your baby room interior, we advise you to browse the best options and buy the same from online stores instead of the offline ones. First of all, across online stores, you are going to have the largest collection of cot beds with a variety of functional settings and design. While almost an inexhaustible range of furniture pieces are available across a wide spectrum of prices, you always have the ease of finding your best buys sitting at home. Most of the furniture in this category are 120x60 cots, that means the need 120x60 cm mattress size. The mattress is not included in the price however you can buy that as an option. If you look for a cot bed with mattress included just mark yes to the option. We offer high-quality elastic foam mattresses with breathable covers to create unique value for the money you and your little one will be absolutely happy with.

  • Mrhousey, The Best Online Destination For Cot Beds with storage 

Mrhousey, the online furniture store offers the largest collection of modern furniture pieces for diverse requirements and interior settings including baby and nursery rooms. Here you can find the widest range of cot beds including space saver cots combo and multifunctional ones to simple cots. Your search for an ideal baby cot with a stylish look and exceptional purposefulness just ends here.

Space Saver Cot Beds Questions & Answers

What Space Saver Cot actually is?

Well, it is a piece of furniture which provides all you need for you and your little one for first years. It has got a bed feature, storage (built in chest or spacious bottom drawer), changing unit for little one's maintenance. They are designed for small or limited nursery rooms. They are also a perfect choice when you share a nursery with the master bedroom.  

How Long Space Saver Cot Bed Lats?

There is no one good answer to this question as that depends on the different factors example: what is sleeping size or how fast your little one would grow. some from our cots last till the age of 7 as they convert to a toddler bed. Some last to 5 years. Please check the product dimensions and check the mattress size or simply contact us for any further assistance. We also advise checking WHO average UK size charts for boys and girls

What is the size of the 3 in 1 Cot Beds?

The sizes are different and we advise to check the product description to confirm the dimensions. We advise checking carefully if the cot you are planning to purchase fits for your available space.

Does it Coverts to a Toddler Bed?

Please check furniture description to make sure it converts but yes most of our combo cot beds could be later converted to toddler beds or transformed to a proper junior bed. Some of them could be changed from cot beds with storage to a bed and separate deks and drawers. If you are unsure just let us know

Does it come with Mattress?

The cot bed mattress is optional however we recommend saying yes to this option as we are sure our mattresses are UK's best value for the money. If you need a cot bed and mattress package then look no further and get both at mr housey. Our mattresses are made from quality high elastic foam. They comlpys all the British Standards and Norms.