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Cot Beds & Baby Cots - Find the best one for your nursery decor!

Every parent wants their baby to sleep in comfort and safety. While you want to ensure that your little one gets as much rest as possible, you’re sure to want the safest cot bed on the market. Our baby cots meet the strictest in EU safety standards so you can rest assured that your baby is protected while their sleep.

Our range features cots beds that are both practical and effortlessly stylish, blending seamlessly into your nursery décor. Many of our cot beds have been inspired by Scandinavian design, and they are crafted out of long-lasting and durable Birchwood. Whether you elect for a classic white finish, the look of natural wood or something dolled up in pastel colours, we have styles that will suit any taste preference.

Many of our models can be customized to your specific preferences, and we have a wide array of beautiful fabrics and bespoke decorations that we can add to make your baby’s cot one of a kind.

Why buy your baby cot bed at MrHousey?

At MrHousey, we believe that the customer always comes first, and we do everything within our power to satisfy all of your needs and make you want to shop with us again and again. We are proud to offer free delivery on all of our products, and we operate a ‘no hassle, no quibble’ returns policy that includes free collection.

You can rely on us to provide you with nursery furniture of the highest quality, all made exclusively in the EU. We never rely on cheap imports from China, and we source many of our upholstery fabrics from high-quality artisans in Spain and Italy.

We are able to provide you with high-quality furniture at affordable prices because we cut out the middlemen and do not have expensive showrooms. By reducing our overhead and avoiding commission sales staff, we can pass on the savings to you.

Practical, affordable and safety guaranteed when to buy a cot bed with drawer?

All of our cot beds come with the option to purchase the UK approved foam mattress, and may also allow you to add an additional bottom drawer for extra storage. This can be a real help to any new parent. For the ultimate package, consider a 3 in 1 baby cot. These practical and affordable options combine the utility of a cot bed with a changing table and a chest of drawers, making the most of any small space.

When it comes time for your little one to make the switch from a cot bed to a children’s bed, we have a wide selection to choose from. Our junior bed range is perfect for toddlers and has the durability and style to last until your little ones are teenagers.

In addition to cot beds, MrHousey is proud to offer a whole range of nursery furniture sets to our clients. Whether you are expecting your first baby or you are adding another to your family, we have everything in stock to furnish your baby’s nursery. Relax in one of our comfortable armchairs as you nurse, and be sure to select a small chest of drawers or bookshelf that will suit your décor scheme.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about any products in our range. We are sure our baby furniture is the best value for the money. You can read a lot of cot bed reviews across the web and find out how great are our nursery cot beds UK.  If you still hesitate please call or email us today – we look forward to helping you.

Choosing a Right Cot Bed - Question and Answers

Is Cot bed with mattress or I need to buy it separately?

Well, The price listed is for a cot only, however, there is an option button and you can get a cot with mattress deal. Mattresses we offer for a cot bed set are high-quality memory foam ones. They are made in EU and comply with UK Fire Standards.  We sell two types of cot bed mattresses 140 x 70 and 120 x 60 cm. 

What age will a cot bed last to (what age is a cot suitable for)?

Not an easy question to answer straight away. We go step further. There is no only one right answer for all the mums and their babies. 
We have written a short article about this. If you want to get more info you can read it here: (What is the maximum age for our cot bed ranges).
There are 2 standard cot bed mattress sizes 120x60 and 140x70 and the easiest answer would be you can use the cot until there is enough space for the baby inside. If this answer is not good enough then the UK baby average statistics show that cot bed could be used from 0 to 3-5 years.  

What is cot bumper?

Cot bumper is a protector for the inside of the cot bed. It is protecting your little one by giving him a soft bump when he contacts the wooden part of the cot. Cot bumper could be also part of the nursery decor. In the UK there is a big discussion regarding the safety of the cot bumpers. If you want to know more click here: 

What size cot bed duvet?

We at Mr Houesy carry two types of cot bed duvets. Each tailored to accommodate the needs of your newly arrived baby. Our duvets come in:

Small: 65 x 75 cm.
Large: 120 x 150cm

Are cot beds a standard size?

When it comes to cot beds, there are 2 standardized sizes:
UK large cot bed 70 x 140 cm - All the cot beds in this size are convertible to a toddler or junior beds
Euro / UK / NZ Cot Standard: 60 x 120 cm - Most of the cots offered in this size are non-convertible 

What is the difference between wooden cot beds and the MDF ones?

MDF or Solid Wood? These two compelling choices many parents face when choosing their baby cot bed. Both have advantages and disadvantages which you may want to pay attention to.

MDF: In simple terms, MDF offers you an affordable quality alternative real wood with and another extra feature which is that it is resistant to humidity and heat. Although, the drawback in cheaply manufactured MDFs is the possible toxicity due to the process it have been synthesized. Our MDF built cot beds have been picked with accordance to the UK and EU standards.

Solid wood:  Solid wood is the purest wood, with each piece made of a uniform material. With all natural materials involved in the production, it is the safest and optimal option when it comes to any wood choices you may take. The downsides are understandably are that high price, environmental suitability and weakness against pests.

Whatever material you choose with mrhousey cot beds we guarantee the quality and cot bed safety. So feel free to decide and grab your cot bed sale today! 

What age to turn cot into cot bed (toddler bed)?

The time of conversion from the cot to a cot bed is chiefly on your child readiness to move on. Although, the majority of children make the switch between 3-5 years. So all you have to do is to observe your child’s willingness to make the switch.

Are MrHousey cot beds safe?

Our cot beds are in accordance with the British safety standards (BSEN716), and the EU safety standards to ensure the best possible safety and security for your loved ones. We never compromise on the quality and Safety standards are a MUST be for all the baby furniture we offer. Even if you go for the nursery set under 400 or cheap cot bed online UK. They all conform the British Safety standards

What furniture apart from the cot bed I may need for the newborn?

This by all means one of the most “fun” aspects of welcoming your newborn, which is getting the furniture your baby will need. Aside from cot bed though and not in particular order, you will need:

  • Cot bed mattress - make sure it is quality and safe!
  • Nursery Chest of Drawers With a Dresser 
  • If you love to buy clothes and toys for your little one you may consider baby wardrobe and toy box but you can handle without them at the begging of your maternity adventure.
  • Lamp, not a must be but surely helpful (especially with light intensity control)
  • Nursery monitor 

Are your cot beds in stock?

You must check the delivery lead time for the cot bed you inquire. We do keep some best selling cot beds in stock, however, most of our ranges are bespoke cot beds made to order. We manufacture them within a 3-6 weeks waiting period.

What to do in the event of losing the assembly instructions for the cot bed?

You never know but even after you assembly your cot bed you may need your assembly guide again. In the event of losing your instructions manual, all you have to do is reach out to our customer service representatives via email or phone and we will assist you in that case.