Nursery Wall Shelves

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Want to instill a child's interest in reading? Narrow slats will help you in this, on which you can put books not with their butts and with the covers ahead. Then the bright library will always attract the attention of the young reader and at the same time decorate the walls of the children's stylish and cozy room.

Shelves in the children's room - this is an additional place for storing books, toys, photo frames, souvenirs and other small things. They are good in that they allow not to hide all the most necessary and beautiful, but, on the contrary, to set up for easy access and decorating the interior.

Books, souvenirs brought from travel, flowers, favorite photos within the framework, a variety of items dear to the heart should take their places in the interior.

To help come the various shelves, niches, shelves, which are just designed to store similar items. Children's room for kids wants to make it brighter than other rooms. Fill it with unusual details with the modern shelving storages from, characteristic of a child's age, create a cozy fairy-tale atmosphere for your kids. Shelves of unusual shape in the form of a cloud, tree or flower - a find for loving parents.

On the materials from which the shelves are made, they can be divided into:

  • Wooden
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Shelves from MDF, chipboard
  • Combined (combining two or more materials).

Recently, it is no longer fashionable to clutter the living room with an abundance of cabinet furniture. Modern living rooms, in addition to soft furniture, are filled with various wall shelving units, shelving storages and other wall cabinets, adding a spectacular backlight.

Designers of interiors and furniture offer a large number of original wall shelves, which can become a bright accent in the interior of the modern nursery room. We hope that the presented photo gallery will inspire you to find the appropriate variant for designing your nursery.

All our contemporary wall shelves and stylish wall shelving units are made with safety in mind and from natural materials, which will not harm your baby’s soft skin. They all do meet all the EU standards of high-quality and safe nursery furniture. We do care about your child!