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The child in the house of many is associated not only with the joy of the first steps, the first words, the abundance of toys and funny moments. Disorder is something that always accompanies children's games. Especially kids love to throw toys, but this problem is very easy to solve. An excellent and functional assistant for mom and dad will be a box for toys that not only performs the storage function, but also is able to instill in the child the skills of cleanliness and love for order, as well as becoming an ornament for the children's room. 

In this section, you can find toy boxes, baskets, toy storages, containers in different shapes and colors for your nursery for storing toys and other decorations. Bright baskets in various shapes or figures for babies, large capacious containers and boxes for older children - in any case, your child will be very pleased with such a gift. These high-quality modern baby bedroom accessories are a must-have in every single nursery! 

After all, a toy box in childhood is no less important and interesting thing than the toys themselves. A basket, a toy box, a toy storage or a container with toys – for the child it is his own treasure chest, which he can open, admiring his wealth, sorting out and sorting in the toys, deciding what to play now. In addition, he can pour all the contents on the floor to impress friends with his property and generosity. In addition, to put things in order in a room is easier, when there is a special container for toys.

Children's toy box: variety of species and their application

Depending on the volume, design, shape and type of construction, there is a wide variety of children's boxes for storing toys. The choice of a particular model depends on the individual preferences and wishes of the buyer, on the design of the room where the box will stand, as well as on the estimated number of toys for storage.

A basket for storing toys looks very original in any interior, which has a classic design, a rounded shape and a lid for closing. Woven baskets for toys are very compact, while they are quite capacious. They can be put not only in the children's room - they will perfectly fit in the corner of the living room or hallway. We believe that these amazing toy storages and other kids’ furniture accessories from our generous range will make your nursery look so unique and stylish! No doubts you will find not only one option for your chic nursery.

A children's dresser for toys is another kind of storage device. Its feature and important advantage is the presence of lockers, which makes it possible to rationally lay out the toys or other items belonging to the child. Woven toy storages, for example, can be selected according to the color that matches the overall color of the interior of the children's room.

In addition, woven and cotton toy boxes from our range of baby nursery accessories are affordable, absolutely safe when used and will help your nursery to turn into a modern and cozy nursery!