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The children's room is very different from the adults’ room. We must remember that the world through the eyes of the child is more colorful, filled with fairy-tale images from cartoons, fairy tales and looks like a wonderland. Therefore, a children's decor from natural materials is becoming more and more popular today. Better than parents, no one knows about the tastes and preferences of their child. To understand how to design a room, talk to the child and decide together how to decorate his room.

 Of course, a small child cannot fully understand how to better arrange his room, but some wishes can quite express.

It is good if the child is large and able to participate in the creative process. Before you start decorating a room, you need to choose a theme. It is better to choose a topic that is close to the child, based on his interests. For example, if the interior is selected for a girl, then you can decorate it in the style of a princess. If it is a boy, then his room can be decorated in a marine or in a sporty style. Children who love nature and animals will be delighted with the natural style.

In our online furniture store you can find the most appropriate varieties of nursery decoration and turn your nursery to modern and cozy room for your baby! Our baby furniture accessories are all made from finest and natural materials that will not harm soft skin of your baby or child. This is extremely important taking in consideration the fact that nowadays producers are used to add the cheap and unnatural materials in order to sell then at a higher price and to produce the toys and decorations as soon as possible.

Here is a range of interesting ideas how to decorate your nursery with the help of wooden decorations and rocking toys. The high quality of our products is guaranteed. Our baby furniture and baby nursery accessories meet and exceed all the EU standards. In this category you will find kids’ nursery toys that are made from wooden materials, which seem to be the most appropriate for children.

A tree is considered one of the best materials for children's toys. It is warm, pleasant to the touch, does not slip out of the hands and is not afraid of active games. If the toy is made qualitatively, then you cannot worry if the baby drags it into your mouth. He cannot "bite" the tree with all his will.

Beautiful and high-quality accessories for the children's room are important for the formation of the child's personality, harmonious development, instilling a sense of beauty. Wooden products from our collection are diverse, safe and are being sold at very attractive price.

 Advantages of “MrHousey” products:

  • A wide range of decorations and toys;
  • A generous palette of colors for your child;
  • Natural and safe products;
  • Use only non-toxic materials;
  • Attractive prices, discounts, promotions;
  • Simple navigation system;
  • Aesthetic products;
  • Additional bonuses;
  • Free delivery;
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The main feature and advantage of the product - children's toys and accessories create a special atmosphere in the interior of the children's room. Natural wood decoration is not only in harmony with a variety of design solutions, but also reflects the individuality of the baby.