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When choosing furniture in a nursery or when changing it, it is worth paying attention to such a kind of furniture as a clothes stands or a children's outdoor hanger. Why it is important to buy a children's outdoor hanger and not to ignore this piece of furniture? Regardless of age, children always remain mobile and active throughout the day and that is why a special place for dressing is simply necessary in the children's room. Well, if such a place is a convenient, mobile and compact floor hanger, then this occupation becomes even more comfortable and quick.

In the online furniture store from the you will find children's clothes stands for any age of your child. Special model, tipi open clothes stands for the youngest, are made in the form of an open wardrobe. Case version provides reliable stability of the hanger, much more space for placing clothes on it, and special shelves for toys and personal clothes will turn the stand into a cozy corner in the room. At the same time, access to things remains convenient from either side.

There are numerous of hangers and stands made from natural materials. The natural tree of the birch massif is painted in pink, green, blue and other colors. Such a wooden stand will decorate any children's room and become its decoration and standard of order.

It is important to understand that the earlier you explain to your child how to properly care for your things, the faster it will become more organized and more organized among peers. When choosing a hanger for the schoolchild, pay attention that the hanger was made of natural materials and did not contain harmful substances, and also had good indicators of durability, as it will be used every day several times.

Also you will find our classic personal hangers. The online store "" sells its products only from natural wood of the birch massif. Having bought a hanger in our store, you will be absolutely calm about the quality of the product. Children's hangers are created in compliance with all conditions and criteria. The tree is covered with a special two-component polyurethane varnish, which allows the wooden hanger to be protected from unwanted scratches during operation and to preserve its original appearance. Before packing, the hangers in the nursery are carefully checked and are absolutely safe to use.

What distinguishes our children's hangers against the background of similar products?

1. Variety of models.

2. A wide range of colors. Choose a color depending on the child's interior and the gender of your child.

3. All hangers and stands made from the finest materials with safety in mind, since we do care about safety of your child.

4. Quality guarantee from the manufacturer.

5. The price of stands is always pleased with their availability.

Having trusted us once, most buyers become our regular customers. We have been working for a long time and we know how to make the customer happy. Make orders from any city in United Kingdom, and we will gladly ship your order in a convenient way for you.