House & Box Wall Shelves

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Floating Shaped Shelves

Say hello to MrHousey’s new exquisite hand-made wooden wall shelves! Exit clutter and chaos; enter neatness, peace, and harmony.

If you constantly find yourself tripping over your kids’ toys or you’ve run out of space for your knick-knacks and keepsakes you don’t want to part with, then we at MrHousey have the perfect solution for you.

We are proud to present our ever-expanding selection of hand crafted wooden wall storage units which are now exclusively available for online purchase.

The creative design of the house-shaped shelves and hexagonal box shelves showcasing their beauty, simplicity and ingenuity is the epitome of modern style and decor. With its variety of shapes, styles, sizes and colours, our wall storage units achieve the dual characteristic of standing out from the crowd and yet at the same time blending in perfectly with the rest of your home.

With the help of our free-standing or wall-mounted shelves you can utilise and maximise the space in your home and create delightfully modern and minimalistic interiors.

MrHousey house shelving units are perfect places for all the photos, books, DVDs, ornaments, accessories, souvenirs and toys that threaten to overtake your house. They have plenty of compartments for storage and display, and can even be left empty and become an eye-pleasing feature of the room decor.

This innovative and inventive solution for your storage needs is suitable for any part of your home – from your kitchen, living room, home office, to your kids’ nurseries and bedrooms, and can be mounted on the wall or left free-standing. This leaves you in charge and offers plenty of scope for creative solutions in how you arrange the wall storage units.  

The use of natural wood and high quality paints and lacquers ensures the shelves’ durability and safety, protecting and preserving your furniture for you. It is the quality that lasts, meaning that when you buy from MrHousey you make an long-lasting investment and get excellent value for money.

The delicate palette with soft pastel colours has a soothing and calming effect, creating a timeless and harmonious environment. The modern and minimalistic design is never boring, and is both an ingenious product that lasts, and one that promises no-hassle and a clutter-free home.

You can buy floating shelves online at MrHousey including our selection of House and Box Wall Shelves.