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  1. Glass Display Cabinet With Bottom Drawer
    Special Price £749.95 Regular Price £1,199.00
  2. Jacob Scandinavian Display Cabinet With LED
    Special Price £449.00 Regular Price £899.00
  3. Kensal Vitrine
    Special Price £749.00 Regular Price £1,449.00
  4. Nordic High Display Cabinet | Highboard
    Special Price £249.00 Regular Price £499.00
  5. Nordic High Gloss Cabinet With Glass Display & Oak Legs
    Special Price £259.00 Regular Price £499.00

6 Items

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Scandinavian Display Cabinets & Cupboards

Shopping for Display Cabinets for sale online? Funiqe has a number of possibilities to ensure that you find a display cabinet that is fit for your space. All the products you're seeing now have the Style of Scandinavian furniture which we hold so much pride to present to you. With great prices and other options for a storage cabinet, it will be painless to narrow down your search and get one of our cheek Scandi cabinets.

Display cabinets are magnificent pieces of furniture that bring a touch of majesty to your home storage. The display cabinet has an extended history in interiors all over the world. In the 18th-century cabinetmaking became almost an art form all over Europe. Throughout following centuries and now the 21st century, display cabinets have become even more prevalent in British homes for displaying trophies, ornaments, glass wear and all the precious item you may want to display. Although, one style of cabinet design stood out; which is the Scandinavian Display cabinets. Scandi Cabinets have a distinctive style which you will be able to easily identify since it focuses on the materials used rather than the design giving you a simple, yet stylish and durable storage cabinet.

Here at Funiqe, we have an extensive collection of Scandinavian display cabinets that are elegant in their own right, yet vastly practical pieces of Scandi furniture and will be suitable into any room in the home or even in commercial spaces. Before starting to shop for Scandinavian display cabinets it is important to think about what you wish to use it for; this will help get you started to find the perfect Scandi Cabinets at Funiqe.

Whether you are seeking to buy a storage cabinet for storing tableware in your kitchen, a glass display cabinet for displaying ornaments, photos, and trophies or a smaller display cabinet. It is always important to get the size of your cabinet correctly. Think about where you are going to position it, how many items intend to display inside it and measure the available space. It is a good idea to keep your cabinet away from strong sunlight to prevent it from fading away and do not place it near a radiator, as the heat can damage the cabinet. Even though if Nordic storage cabinet are known for either sturdiness, you must always provide the best conditions for them to stay with you as long as possible.

Our Scandinavian display cabinets at Funiqe come built with a number of diverse characteristics that serve different purposes and that make each item entirely unique from the other. Many of our Scandi cabinets are glass fronted so that the items that you store there are always visible. Some come with drawers as well which is an additional storage bonus if your space is small. Browse through our features of the vast collection of Nordic storage cabinets which will give you some ideas about the particular features that you might want your cabinet storage to look like. Whether you are looking for a solid oak Scandinavian display cabinet to be a genuine accent piece in your home, a MDF wood storage cabinet to enjoy looking at and show your private collection.