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  1. Alain Small Dining Table - Yellow
    Special Price £245.00 Regular Price £399.00
    Out of stock
  2. Alain Small Dining Table | Coffee Table - Mint
    Special Price £259.00 Regular Price £279.00
    Out of stock
  3. Aspen Modern Coffee Table With High Gloss Top
    Special Price £89.00 Regular Price £169.00
  4. Bistro Wooden Table
    Special Price £165.00 Regular Price £225.00
  5. Blanc Coffee Table With Newspaper Storage
    Special Price £149.00 Regular Price £299.00
  6. Camden Coffee Table Square Herringbone Print
    Special Price £309.00 Regular Price £610.00
  7. Camini Coffee Table
    Special Price £319.00 Regular Price £629.00
  8. Marone Coffee Table
    Special Price £379.00 Regular Price £749.00
  9. Marone Small Coffee Table
    Special Price £289.00 Regular Price £549.00
  10. Modern Square Coffee Table With Metal Frame
    Special Price £142.99 Regular Price £284.99
  11. Provence Square Coffee Table
    Special Price £249.95 Regular Price £499.95
    Out of stock
  12. Selene Coffee Table With Glass Top
    Special Price £479.00 Regular Price £999.00
  13. Selene Oak Coffee Table With Drawer
    Special Price £499.00 Regular Price £999.00
  14. Small Pine Side Table
    Special Price £189.00 Regular Price £299.00
  15. Spot Coffee Table With Adjustable Top
    Special Price £149.00 Regular Price £199.00
    Out of stock
  16. Square Coffee Table With Wooden Legs
    Special Price £119.95 Regular Price £199.95
  17. Sven Coffee Table White & Oak
    Special Price £89.00 Regular Price £199.00

20 Items

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Square Coffee Table

A coffee table along with a sofa at the centre makes the living room complete. If you want guests to accommodate in light hearted chitchat around coffee and snacks in your living space or you just make them comfortable with some magazines and periodicals spread in front of them coffee tables prove as irreplaceable piece of living room furniture. From square coffee tables to round to rectangular coffee tables, you have an array of choices in shapes and styles.

 Add Oodles Of Style To Your Room Space With Square Coffee Table

If you want to give your living room a perfect look and feel with every piece of furniture delectably chosen, there are several important things you need to consider. First of all, it should be the size of the table or the floor area it is supposed to cover. Whether you go for the large table or a smaller one, the shape is a crucial determinant as well. Do you want solid teak wood with a glass top for your coffee table or a square oak coffee table with a little shelf underneath, there are actually too many options.

 It all depends upon the living area of your home and it also depends upon the free area around a table that allows moving your feet. Besides making a choice on the basis of so called aesthetic aspects, there should be a consideration about the sitting arrangement you prefer around the table. At any cost the table and other furniture pieces should not make the room clumsy and overcrowded.

 Buy Coffee Tables Online UK

When it comes to making a perfect choice in furniture, browsing and evaluating a lot of options along with a variety of materials, sizes and styles is crucial for the buyers. You can only make your perfect choice by allowing yourself exposure to a too many furniture options. While buying furniture pieces from a local store you can only browse a limited number of options. On the other hand, if you buy coffee tables online you have the largest collection of tables at your disposal.

As far as the online available options are considered, the choices are pretty enormous and if you visit several sites the choices are inexhaustible actually. You can find any kind of furniture of your preference that come with a staggering variety of price tags and materials. The best part is, web stores allows you doing the best price comparison to help finding a far better and value for money choice.

MrHousey.co.uk, The Largest Web Store For All Your Modern Furniture Needs

There is no dearth of big web stores with staggering collection of furniture for modern homes. But only a handful of web stores really stand out solely because of their expansive collection with affordable pricing. Log in to MrHousey.co.uk and you are landed inside the largest collection of modern furniture for any home. Whether interior or exterior, you have every kind of furniture at your disposal here. At mrhousey.co.uk you instead of the so called run of the mill furniture that goes on sales you always find the exquisite and extraordinary ones. From the wide range of designer coffee tables to every piece of living room furniture, you have every imaginable furniture choice here and that too, with affordable price tags.