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  1. Parisen Vintage Shelving Unit in White & Honey
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  2. Provence Large Bookcase With Bottom Storage
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Books create in the house a special coziness and possess inherent power belonging only to them. It is convenient to get into an armchair, pick up a volume, smell pleasantly rough paper... This is incomparable. Therefore, true book lovers store them in special cabinets. Here books are protected reliably from moisture, dust, sunlight and damage. Yes, and it is easier to find the right literature, if all it is ordered and located in one place, rather than in separate piles throughout the apartment. In addition, modern bookshelves are distinguished by the stylishness and uniqueness of models that will easily become a pearl of the interior.

Stylish bookcases – this is real. Rejoice, book lovers! The possibilities for decorating your walls with books are almost endless. Whether you prefer to collect books, sort or display by color, we have provided all possible options. Learn how to add your zest and create your best bookcase. 

  • Select the paint for your cabinet.

Try painting the back of the cabinet to ensure the appearance's success with color. Add a letter from your initials, vases or other favorite trinkets to give a little personality.

  • Maximize the space.

Place the cabinet where it will fit. If the wall is thin, as in the picture, you will get a little more space for the shelves without using extra square meters.This is one of the best ways to take advantage of the unobtrusive or difficult to decorate places.

  • Go to the very top.

If you want to buy a spectacular wall-to-wall bookcase from floor to ceiling, make your dreams a reality. Library ladders help get to the topmost shelves and will give the room a traditionally strict look.

  • Put your information media together.

The built-in bookcase can be an excellent frame for a flat screen TV. He seems to say: "Of course, I watch TV, but I like reading very much." Also, this solution will add functionality to often empty space. 

The basic requirements for furniture are durability and strength. Although a high price does not guarantee good quality. High quality, but at the same time inexpensive bookcase from the manufacturer can be found in the online furniture store MrHousey.CO.UK, which presents products from the leaders of the furniture industry.