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Transforming from a baby into a toddler is another spring in the life of children. This notable event is a delicate and emotional moment for the parents. They have the same feelings while choosing the new sleeping place for their kids. Choosing a toddler bed is not an easy task. They must be practical, but fun at the same time. Your kid should love this new place to excitedly go to bed every time clocks show the rest time.
You need to consider many factors while choosing the bed. One of them is the size of the room. If your kid's room is small-sized, you need to forget the option of big beds even though you already picked a favourite. Your kid is at the age of discovering the surrounding and learn something new every day. Therefore, it is necessary to organize a sufficient place for them to play. There are children cabin beds for such occasions. These kids' beds are very functional by combining a bunk bed, wardrobe, dressers, drawers, and a bookcase. Children beds with storage will give you an opportunity to avoid the separate pieced furniture sets for the sake of creating a bigger space to play.
You get more advantages by having a broad kid's room. You can furnish your kid's room with a more independent approach since it gives a privilege of designing more creative room. For example kids' house beds, kid's teepee beds are adding a unique look to the room. Since the children at this age have limitless imagination, creativity while designing their place, especially choosing a bed is essential.
It is a period when children rapidly grow. Due to this reason, some parents might consider cheap toddler beds to not often spend mone altering kid bed. However, modern designers think about that in advance. Most of the kids beds come with the option of transforming. Their size can be easily changed and adjusted. It is an excellent acquisition for a long-last. Some of them come with additional storage.  Bed with storage is useful to keep bed clothing goods close at hand.
Besides the form, shape, design of a toddler bed, it is crucial to think of other important details. Safety comes first. The materials used in producing should be non-toxic to support a healthy environment. The same rules apply to the mattress as well. A mattress should be entirely safe since it is in more direct contact with the skin of your baby. Toddler beds with mattress should support the whole comfortable and healthy sleep of your kid. Some parents would like to have side rails still to lower the risks and protect during the rest.
After thinking about all the details, it is time for making a decision. Keep in mind that your kid starts to develop the personality and owns unique interests. Therefore, surprise your child by choosing a bed matching with that interests. We are sure that you will find an option that will make both and your kid happy at our online store. MrHousey is the right address to choose a toddler- bed-UK for your little one to start a new adventure. We offer a large variety of kids' bed at affordable prices. Our products conform to British and European standards. 

Useful Questions & Answers:

Should I buy a toddler-bed or move straight to kids single bed?

It all depends on your little one. Sometimes kids move out from the crib straight to a kids single bed, sometimes they need a smaller bed as from many different reasons it is too early for the junior bed. You must watch and listen to your kid and always have his/her safety in mind!

How to decorate a bedroom with a Montessori approach?

We advise reading our Blog article about this. There are a few tips and rules on creating a Montessori Toddler's Bedroom and the main one is to keep the open storage accessible for kids as well as use a floor toddler bed. If you are interested in more information see our blog or contact Montessori Specialist for further help & advice 

How to Turn a nursery into a toddler's room?

Sounds like a huge project but in fact, it is not difficult.  Especially if you choose a nursery which grows with your little one. We recommend choosing nursery furniture wisely. Sometimes it is better to invest more at the beginning to save later. If you choose the set which can grow with your little one then you just add a few pieces such desks, chair and replace a cot bed with a toddler or kids bed and conversion is finished. If you want to redecorate the room completely see some inspiration on how to create a perfect kids room. Always follow your baby's interests and hobbies and think of how he/she would feel in the room. Make it calm but cheerful and playful. Personalize the room with the pictures or your little one's gadgets.   

Which colours to use when decorating a toddlers bedroom?

After transforming a nursery into a toddler's room my baby has got a sleeping problem?

Sleeping problem is really important and It should be considered a serious issue to be sorted. It affects the whole family life. Sleep and night time is crucial for your baby. During this time your baby needs proper rest. If he/she is not able to have a good deep sleep it may affect his/her daytime behaviour. There is a lot of articles describing a lot of examples of how the issue could be sorted however each kid is individual and there is no one best formula. If you feel you need help with that try to find a specialist who will help you to deal with your baby sleeping problem and sort this out. 
Sleeping problems - NHS Tips and Advices

Themed Rooms Good Or Bad Idea for decorating a kids zone?