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House Beds for Kids

Wooden kids house beds are amazing floor beds for children to sleep and play. A solid wood bed frame is designed following the Montessori furniture principle of independence building. It saves a lot of space in a kids room, and you have no fear that your baby will roll out of the tent bed. This can be a good alternative for bunk beds even a perfect gift for kids. Some of them are made with waxed woods. Waxed wood surface continuously maintain velvety gloss, obtain additional wear resistance and water features. Mostly wax prolongs fills the scratches. After this process on customers’ requirements, we can paint with water-based paint based.
These house frame beds are also available for twins. Twin beds are made with linden wood. It’s ideal wood that is really strong, without any knot, eco-friendly paint, and we can use just a stain on it for protection of your choice that is completely safe for little kids (Over 4)*. House bed from wood made with love and care for your child. Your Kids will love this little heaven. This handmade wooden children's house bed takes your child to a fairy tale. In this excellent playhouse, the child feels himself a full-fledged master, which is important for the formation of a child’s personality. You can place an order for a wooden frame bed with and without legs, complete with wooden drawers and can use them for children’s clothes, toys, bed linen and many more. The painting of the bed is already included in the indicated prices.
We can adjust the height if you need it. All colours are available. Additional Rails are available. Shipping cost will be included. Just placed an order and utilize these eye-catcher house beds at your place.

Why Buy House Beds & Kids House bed At MrHousey?

  • Our No.1 core value is customers come first and we aim to make every single customer happy.
  • Hassle-free shopping with our 7 days no quibble FREE returns with FREE collections.
  • High-quality handmade European Montessori beds with NO low-quality Chinese imports.
  • FSC Certificated wood.
  • Affordable by cutting out all the middlemen, reducing overheads, not having expensive showrooms and not paying staff big commissions.

Frequently asked questions:

1. What ages are house beds designed for?
You can move your little ones to the floor bed after around 3 months. Since the bed size is 90 x 200 (EU standard single bed size) it can be used for long years just with renewing the mattress.

2. What is the bed size?
The bed size is a standard EU single bed size that is 90 x 200 cm.

3. Are the floor beds safe?
Mostly, parents worry about falling risk. The general principle of a floor bed is to give freedom of movement to the babies. It helps them to better learn about their surroundings. They might fall, however, they will be safe due to the low height. If you are still worrying, you can place some elements like a rug around the bed to soften the landing.

4. What does the Montessori bed mean?
The name comes from the Montessori nursery method. The main principle is to give children an environment they can use by themselves. Therefore, the bed needs to be a floor bed for easy access.

5. What type of mattress should I choose?
We highly recommend choosing a foam mattress. It is possible to place a sprung mattress. However, ensure not purchasing a very thick one.

6. Are beds made to order or you stock them?
Beds are made to order in our workshop. We do our best to be competitive with the lead time and deliver your product on time.

7. Is the bed size customizable?
At the moment we do not offer such an option. However, in the close future, we plan to accept personalized orders.

8. When is the best time to introduce the floor bed to a toddler?
The first months you need to keep your little one next to you. Babies need to have opportunities for movement as they get older. After 3 months you can transfer your baby to a floor bed.

*We believe that all toddlers are absolutely safe in our kid's beds however it is always a parent's responsibility to create safe kids bedroom and make sure our house beds or any from our cabin beds or bunk beds are used according to its purpose. If you are unsure if the bed is right to your little one or struggling with assembly. You have got safety questions or need any assistance, please contact us before the purchase. We will help you to choose the best children's house beds matching to your needs & budget.
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