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  1. Alan Stylish Bunk Bed Wood & White
    Special Price £509.00 Regular Price £999.00
  2. Archie Bunk Bed With Storage
    Special Price £739.00 Regular Price £1,299.00
  3. Bergen Bunk Bed With Wheel Drawer
    Special Price £510.00 Regular Price £999.00
  4. Cheap White Wooden Bunk Bed (90 x 200 )
    Special Price £229.00 Regular Price £339.00
  5. Cheap Wooden Bunk Bed (90 x 200 )
    Special Price £189.00 Regular Price £299.00
  6. House Kids Bunk Bed (180 x 80 cm)
    Special Price £349.00 Regular Price £599.00
  7. London Bus Kids Bunk Bed
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £699.00
  8. Modern Bunk Bed For Kids With Bedding Drawer (180 x 80 cm)
    Special Price £369.00 Regular Price £599.00
  9. Modern Bunk Bed With 2 Beds & Kids Desk
    Special Price £609.00 Regular Price £1,499.00
  10. Norman Bunk Bed / Cabin Bed With Storage
    Special Price £499.00 Regular Price £899.00
  11. Olive Flower - Children's Bunk Bed 90/200
    Special Price £525.00 Regular Price £999.95
    Out of stock
  12. Pirates Kids Bunk Bed With Bedding Storage
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £699.00
  13. Princess Kids Bunk Bed With Drawer
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £699.00
  14. Secret Garden - Children's Bunk Bed L2 (90x200)
    Special Price £499.00 Regular Price £869.00
    Out of stock
  15. Sherlock Bunk Bed With 2 Drawers
    Special Price £429.00 Regular Price £899.00
  16. Spaceship Kids Bunk Bed With Storage Drawer
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £699.00
  17. Spaceship Kids Bunk Bed With Storage Drawer
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £699.00
  18. Spot Modern Cabin Bed With Storage | High Sleeper Kids Bed
    Special Price £849.00 Regular Price £1,799.00
  19. White Flower - Children's Bunk Bed 90/200
    Special Price £529.00 Regular Price £569.00
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20 Items

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Bunk Beds | Bunk Bed With Storage

Whether you are having an additional bed for a growing toddler or just trying to get the most of your guest room for when family and friends visits, a bunk bed is an impeccable space saver for a bedroom in your home. Children also tend to get thrilled about having one in their bedroom. Bunk beds are a treat because they give each child their own sleeping space, thus giving them more comfort and sense of individuality, aside from the fun part. Additionally, also bring convenience when your child has a sleepover, so the little one’s friend has a comfortable place to sleep. What are the features you can think of when buying a bunk bed? Tune in to find out the answer.
Consider length and height, you must make the mistake of replacing the bed every time a child has a growth spurt, so you need to ensure that the length and depth of the bunk bed can accommodate growth. Additionally, keep a keen eye on the distance between the top and lower bunk, to make sure that as your child get taller so that the children will not bump their heads on the top bunk bed. Also, make sure to measure your children’s room from floor to ceiling. You do not want the top bed to be excessively close to the ceiling since it might be dangerous because of the ceiling lamps or ceiling fan.
Another thing to consider when choosing a bunk bed is the main material used.
Mrhousey carries beds made of Laminated Particle Board, MDF and Plywood. All are fantastic options and the decision is a matter of preference that you should take.
Whatever your children’s style, our collection of bunk beds will accommodate them. Out Italian manufactured bunk bed have a cool contemporary finish with a minimalist, but classy appearance to them. They are easy to maintain and come with an attached ladder for the safety of the little precious ones.
If you looking to save space in your children’s room, a bunk bed is an excellent choice to make. Aside from the fact that you do not need to fit two beds next to each other if you have small space in our children’s bedroom; all our bunk beds have plenty of storage space underneath for keeping books, toys and clothes. What is more, your children will adore them because they will have extra space for playing and more activity. In addition, bear in mind children genuinely like bunk beds, so maybe they will be a good incentive or them to go to bed on time without much effort on your part. 

There are a few general rules we at Funiqe are a feature of all our featured modern bunk bed at Mrhousey:

  • All bunk bed must have a warning label that advises against placing children under 6 years of age in the upper bunk.
  • Always use guardrails on each side of the bed.
  • If the bunk bed is taller than 30 inches, it must have a continuous guardrail on the wall side of the bed.
  • Openings on the upper and the lower bunks must be small enough that a child's torso, torso, or head cannot get through them.

Add a beautiful and meaningful touch to your children’s lives by purchasing one of our prized modern bunk beds, visit our website at Funiqe.com and you will be amazed. 

Why Buy Bunk Beds And Children's Bedroom Furniture At MrHousey?

  • Our No.1 core value is customers come first and we aim to make every single customer happy.
  • Hassle-free shopping with our 7 days no quibble FREE returns with FREE collections.
  • High-quality handmade European furniture with NO low-quality Chinese imports.
  • Beautiful fabrics from Italy and Spain for you to customise your upholstered furniture with.
  • Affordable by cutting out all the middlemen, reducing overheads, not having expensive showrooms and not paying staff big commissions.

Bunk Beds Popular Questions Answers 

Are your Bunk Beds safe for the babies?

If it is about kids beds we take safety really seriously and believe that should be always the first and the most important criteria when buying the things for little ones. Far ahead from design, look or colour. We strongly recommend buying bunk beds for children for over 4 years. (Especially for a top high level). So the bunk beds could be great fun and creative place for kids and children but not for the babies.

Should I go for wooden or MDF one?

What is average Bunk Bed Size?

There are different sizes available. If you look for a toddler bed then you should look for one 160x80 size, The most popular sizes are UK single 90x190 cm or EU single 90x200 cm. You should always check the furniture specification and available sizes and match them with your little one's needs and space available.

Online children beds shop selling bunk beds with storage as well as children's wardrobes & storage. Offering the biggest children's bedroom furniture selection at the lowest prices in the UK. If you can't find what you have been looking for simply give us a bell or drop us an email. Our friendly customer support will do our best to help you with choosing perfect furniture matching your kid's room decor and not to ruin the family budget.