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Children’s beds & Kid's Beds 

When children outgrow their cots, it is time to time to shop around for a children's bed. Re-decorating the nursery maybe felt more recent than you would anticipate, but every stage of your child’s life brings up a new kind of excitement for your creativity and sense of style. With children’s beds alone there are many styles and sizes to choose from. If you do not already have a picture in mind for your children’s bedroom, you can get lost in the sea of the available options in the market. From (90x200) beds to smaller toddler sizes, you can simply get lost in the wide range of choices of cool beds for children online. And those are just a few types... There are many more types and styles of kids beds that can help furnish your child room. So no matter whether your children are baby, toddler or kids, big or small you will be able to find a bed that suits them just right.

When your baby outgrows his/her cot or toddler bed, it is time to look for a specific children’s bed that she will like. You also might be taking on a bigger task to re-do the nursery to fit the young princess more. Regardless of the extent of the project, mrhousey has a noteworthy number of girls’ beds to pick from. You can choose beds with diverse features such as storage area, colour, and additional drawers. Your little one will adore the collection we have and you will do, too. Also, you might be browsing for little boys’ beds while in the middle of a bedroom redecorating campaign. On the other hand, you might be just making a minor bed replacement for your growing child. 

When buying a kids bed, a popular choice is a high sleeper cabin bed as it can link bed, desk and storage features in one piece. This is a fantastic option if you want to keep your children’s bedroom neat and tidy. Many of them have got bottom drawer which could be used for as storage or extra pull out bed. These types are highly recommended for small and midsize bedrooms. If you have more space and want to follow Montessori tips on creating a kids zone then why not consider a wooden house bed or a floor bed?  fIf you Want to find out more about Psychologist Teresa Montessori and her approach (including decorating tips children's spaces and sleeping hapbits read here: MONTESSORI SLEEPING  

Whether your child wishes for a new bedroom appearance or is growing out of their current furniture, we at mrhousey have an extensive selection of children beds which will meet the needs of your child. Not only do we have a huge collection of popular beds, but our wide diversity of styles will suit any child’s bedroom requirements. From beautiful girls’ beds to mischievous boys’ beds, our entire line of children beds is constructed of the highest quality materials and comes in different styles and sizes to your desire. Our children's bed selection helps create a comfortable and enjoyable bedroom for your kid. Not only do we provide special child-sized beds, but we also have bunk beds, loft and much more just to ensure a peaceful and pleasant sleeping experience your children should have and deserve. Now you can visit us at mrhousey and explore our children’s bed range made to please the parents before the children.

Why Buy Children's Beds & Kids Beds At MrHousey?

  • Our No.1 core value is customers come first and we aim to make every single customer happy.
  • Hassle free shopping with our 7 days no quibble FREE returns with FREE collections.
  • High-quality handmade European furniture with NO low-quality Chinese imports.
  • Beautiful fabrics from Italy and Spain for you to customise your upholstered furniture with.
  • Affordable by cutting out all the middle men, reducing overheads, not having expensive showrooms and not paying staff big commissions.

Kid's Beds Popular Questions & Answers

When to change cot into bed?

The simplest answer to this question is when your kid needs it. There is no set time or perfect rule on that. You must watch your baby and find a spot when something used to be a safe space is now getting uncomfortable.

Age to move from cot bed to single bed?

There is no right answer to this question and it all depends. If you use a small cot and you don't feel your little one is ready to proper single bed size then maybe choosing a toddler bed is worth consideration. If you use a large convertible cot and your baby is old enough to move to the next stage then is okay to introduce a kids bed even without a toddler size in between. The best age for change sizes from baby/toddler to kids is 6+ years

Which mattress type to choose for Kid's bed?

There are many types of mattresses as well as bed sizes. The most important is to find a perfect match between bed size and mattress sizes. You should always read carefully the dimensions to avoid misunderstandings once furniture arrives. Apart from the size, there is a "What is made from?" question to be answered. There are two main types of mattresses Foam and Sprung. The foam could be made with different types of foam. Sometimes they include a coconut straw or other natural fillings. As always there are positives and negatives on choosing each. We believe that what is the most important is safety therefore before you decide, make sure mattress of your choice complies to all the British safety standards and regulations

When to choose a wooden kids house bed?

If you want to create a nice place followed by Montessori Tips, you want to give your kid space or want him/her to take part in the designing process. You need a strong and durable furniture for ages then wooden house beds are the best choice.

What is standard Kid's bed mattress?

When you choose our standard optional mattress you don't have to worry about its size and you can be sure you will get the exact match. The standard mattress we offer for our kid's bed is High Elastic foam in Breathable Cover. It is EU made and compiles all the norms and safety regulations.

Online children's beds store also selling toddler beds, wooden kids house beds, children's wardrobes and children's draws. Offering the biggest children's bedroom furniture selection at the lowest prices in the UK. If you can't find your perfect furniture simply contact us. Our friendly and supportive will help you to choose a perfect furniture matching to your room size, budget and home decor