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Your office desk office is where the magic happens, but this time in your own leisure at home. It is your main workstation where you do your planning, studying or working and all sort of desk-associated tasks from the comfort of your home. The desk is where you are at your most productive, so picking the right modern home office desks that fits your needs is a big decision. With a number of options, choosing a desk has never been easier; yet complex since you wonder between a study desk, laptop desk or a computer desk. Too many particular home office desks that serve a specific function and we at Funiqe will help you through this task.

The main factors to consider when shopping online for a new desk are structure, utility, and brand. When searching online for a new desk, think first the size of the room. Will your desk fit in a roomy home office or in a cosy one? Corner desks, for example, will fit with ease into small areas, making them a suitable desk for your child for studying and other activates. On the other side, legal desks or commercial desks have more space to spare. They provide legroom, multiple drawers, and an additional bookcase, when in need.

For what function you will you use the desk? If you are a writer or do not plan to be using a desktop computer, a writing desk will do the trick for you just fine. A number of computer desks have ample room and come with drawers to amplify the hiding space whistle keep the office tidy. Modern home office desks usually have space for a laptop computer, giving enough room for comfort and organization while you focus at work.

Computer desks are ergonomically built for those who extend their working hours to home. Some computer desks may come with an extra space for a keyboard, which eliminates clutter and adjustable to the appropriate height for optimal ergonomic use. Funiqe home office modern desks also come with an additional cord port to help in managing the flow of cables from computer to floor and keep you working space neat and accessible. Our modern home desks can also feature a raised platform for your computer screen or other office items you want to keep in the reach of hand.

Our great selection includes brands like Baron, Highbury Trestle or Farringdon with remarkable designs styles perfect for your home office or your children study.  Modern, classic or minimalist Scandinavian we offer you all in attractive prices. Funiqe offers superior quality on office desks, whether you need a desk under £100 or ones that are more luxurious. With no doubt, we have everything you desire so you can shop online from the comfort of your own home and check in with our latest sales and new arrivals. When you shop online at Funiqe, we will deliver a top quality modern home office desk right to the steps of your door with competitive market prices.

We at Funiqe provide you with latest, functional and durable home office desks, which will help you, manage your work from home with ease and comfort, so do not hesitate to check out our online shop and enjoy your home office desk or our extensive collection of home office furniture. .

Office Desks - Questions & Answers

Are your office desks assembled?  

Office desks come in two ways: ready-to-assemble also referred to in shorthand as RTA, and assembled. We usually deal with the former. You may ask what the advantage of RTA desks is. Well, we have three compelling reasons for you cost, convenience and space. RTA office desks are less costly than fully assembled due to the fact they are shipped in compact boxes. When it comes to convenience, RTAs are easily assembled with precise instructions at hand. Finally, it goes without saying that RTAs being in flat packed make them practical when it comes to move them around from one room to the other.

 How to organize the home office space?

If you spend more time looking for a time looking for important documents, office supplies or your phone, then you need to organize your home office for more productivity and practicality with this easy-to-do list:

 1) Clean up your Office.    2) Rearrange your furniture.

 3) Begin with your office desk.   4) Create a Filing System

 5) Organize Digitally. 

Do you sell wooden desks?

A beautiful wooden desk is a must-have piece of furniture meant to last for the long-term. What is better than a reclaimed wooden desk which only gets more glamorous with time passage of time and you will adore forever. From rustic to modern, we carry a top acclaimed fully wooden desks or desks with wooden tops, you name it. All you need to do is browse through our collection and indulge yourself.

Why Buy Home Office Desks & Laptop Desks Online at MrHousey?

  • Our No.1 core value is customers come first and we aim to make every single customer happy.
  • Hassle free shopping with our 7 days no quibble FREE returns with FREE collections.
  • High-quality handmade European furniture with NO low-quality Chinese imports.
  • Beautiful fabrics from Italy and Spain for you to customise your upholstered furniture with.
  • Affordable by cutting out all the middlemen, reducing overheads, not having expensive showrooms and not paying staff big commissions.

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