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In the office, as in the living room, an important role is played by accessories that emphasize individuality, allowing to determine at first sight who works in the office – businessman, banker, scientist or, for example, a representative of the creative profession – designer, journalist. "Creative" home offices are often decorated with paintings, interesting, unusual objects of the interior of the author's work.

Furniture for the area of the home office: a coffee table, soft armchairs. A sofa is not required. Do not be excluded - a mini-bar, for example, a sliding bar under a coffee table or a mobile bar set-top box, a plasma panel, a music centre.

Signs of the interior design of the classic cabinet, as already noted, furniture from the array, or from MDF under the natural veneer of valuable species - mahogany, cherry, oak, walnut. But it should be noted that today factories of modular furniture make cabinets from quite affordable materials – MDF. Therefore, a classic cabinet is not necessarily expensive.

Upholstered furniture such as home office cabinet can also be a classic design, for example, leather, special workmanship and colouring antique.

The predominant colours of furniture and finishes are saturated, dark. The walls can be lighter – beige, grey, wooden panels are used as a wall decor, furniture – inlay, artificial ageing. Lighting – table lamp, floor lamp. Colorful looking lamps that mimic candlesticks. Racks with books are usually placed from floor to ceiling, filling the entire wall.


The cabinet, of course, does not have to be classical. Modern storages are minimalistic, functional. There are no strict rules for this. Furniture of the home office can be lined with plastic or any other inexpensive modern method, containing glass and metal inserts. The first place comes out – functionality, but the main thing is not to overdo it so that the office does not lose the comfort of home and does not turn into an analogue of the office.

In general, there are many styles in which cabinets are designed. Classrooms in English style, palace classics, Empire style, stylized for the beginning of the 20th century (20-30 years, vintage cabinets), minimalism based on art deco, colonial style, studio loft, eclectic style combining modernity with elements of classics, classrooms with National coloring - Oriental, home offices in the Moorish style.