How to Clean Wooden Furniture

In love with the look of wood?

Keep it looking its best by taking care with your cleaning routine. In return, your furniture will repay you with decades of assured and stylish service.

-        For the best results, use the best tools. Forget your old bath towel or wet dishcloth that is laying around, and invest in a specific set of cleaning cloths that you use solely for wood. Feather dusters, lint-free cloths and items that are advertised for wood cleaning are assured choices.

-        Use the same rule for cleaning lotions and polishes. Forget multi-surface cleaners and go for the ones that clearly state that they are designed for use on wood.

-        When buying furniture, keep labels and don’t be frightened of asking the retailer or manufacturer for advice – they know best!

-        Try not to use water which can leave tell-tale marks. Unless you need to shift something sticky or icky, avoid!

-        Different woods can mean different care. Don’t be tempted to simply guess or assume that what will work for one will work for another – a little bit of research can avoid damaging your furniture’s stunning good looks. This is especially important when it comes to cleaning varnished wood versus natural.

-        A bit of a dust over every day with a feather duster goes a long way. Avoid dust and clump build-up as wood is easier to keep clean ‘on-the-go.’

-        Got an annoying scratch? Use a touch-up pen that is the perfect match – getting it even slightly wrong can spoil the aesthetic of your wooden furniture and is hard to rectify.

-        In doubt? Consult a professional who may be able to treat your furniture and help prevent grime build-up and knock marks.

-        Treat your wood with respect at all times. As a natural product, it needs tender loving care in order to keep looking its immaculate best.

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