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  1. Clift Coat Stand Oak
    Special Price £119.00 Regular Price £219.00
  2. Eigen Coat Stand Black
    Special Price £129.00 Regular Price £249.00
  3. Gialo Coat Stand
    Special Price £209.00 Regular Price £389.00
  4. Hilbert Coat Stand
    Special Price £115.00 Regular Price £230.00
  5. Magellan Coat Stand
    Special Price £199.00 Regular Price £379.95
  6. Modern Beech Hanger
    Special Price £69.95 Regular Price £134.95
  7. Nico Beech Hanger
    Special Price £54.95 Regular Price £104.95
  8. Northgate Coat Stand - Long
    Special Price £249.00 Regular Price £449.00
  9. Northgate Hat Shelf With Coat Pegs
    Special Price £105.00 Regular Price £199.00
  10. Stylish Everest Coat Stand
    Special Price £169.95 Regular Price £329.95
  11. Sven Scandinavian Hallway Unit
    Special Price £169.00 Regular Price £339.00
  12. Tripod Entry Oak
    Special Price £619.00 Regular Price £1,229.00

14 Items

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Coat stands

Coat stands and racks are a vital part of any entrance area, as they offer a practical storage solution at the right place and time. MrHousey has a mountain options to choose from when it comes to modern coat stands and hallway furniture, providing you with several different styles, types, features and materials for you to enjoy. Thus, it is no wonder you will be able to select the perfect coat stand without any compromise whatsoever. Just look through the massive range available on MrHousey.

Why should you buy a freestanding coat stand?

Hallways can be a cluttered space with shoes piling up by the front entrance, and jackets scattered across benches. It is useful to have a place to conveniently keep items in order by hanging coats on an available coat stand by the front door. You can place a coat rack in the corner and it proves useful in no time. Plus, coat racks come in many different styles, colors, and designs.

There are slightly diverse coat racks with extra features that will prove very practical once you need them. For example, a wall mounted coat stand is more likely to come with additional shelves or drawers, thus offering some ample storage space for hats, shoes, scarves or any other accessories. On the other hand, the free-standing type might not be as known for storing shoes for example, but you can easily find a coat stand to do the job. However, storage is not the only extra feature to look for. You can get coat stands with inbuilt stools or mirrors, while some even include favorably decorative hooks or hangers for your clothes.

Is it time to leave practicality and opt for the looks instead when it comes to hallway units? If your answer is positive then, MrHousey has a huge range of styles, materials and finishes for you to take your pick, so rest assured that no matter what coat stand you are searching for, you will duly find it here. There are few methods to shop by look, mainly all of them ending with your decision and we are here to aid you with our rich collection of hallway furniture.

MrHousey loves everything home and décor, and we want to make sure that you do too. That is why we carry a magnitude of different Coat Racks and coat stands for you online. With the options we provide, it is easy to narrow down your online shopping to find your fated modern coat stands that are right for your home. From the minimalistic styles such a Scandinavian coat stand to a contemporary coat hook.

If you find yourself with no place to store coats and hats, it might be time to reconsider adding a freestanding coat rack to your front door. You can find freestanding coat racks that match your decor and provide a bit more organization at the busy front door. The quality and brands we carry ca not be matched in any UK or EU markets. With MrHousey’s affordable, reliable and durable modern coat stands you will always make the right choice. Our products follow the strict rules of safety set by the EU to ensure the welfare of you and you loved ones, so visit our website at and you will not regret it.