Guapo Sofa

A sophisticated, contemporary sofa from our extensive online collection here in the UK, the Guapo Sofa with its chrome appearing metal legs and clean lines in its comfortable and executive finish, the Guapo Sofa is an excellent choice from our range of beautiful sofas.

Elegant and refined, the Guapo Sofa is inspired by Scandinavian design and features beautiful design with its smooth finish and classic material, complimentary in its own image that will suit any style of living space or existing interior décor. Boasting a high arm design that is comfortable and aesthetically attractive, the Guapo Sofa is ultimately cosy for a finish that offers satisfaction and style for many years to come in your home, looking as elegant and executive as it does today and standing the test of time.

Available to order as an appealing arm chair, two seater and three seater sofa so you can create a sensational three piece suite in your living space, for an additional fee the Guapo Sofa can also be ordered with a functional, comfortable sofa-bed, making this modernistic sofa even suitable for studio sized living spaces or apartments. An outstanding choice from our extensive online collection of contemporary sofas, the Guapo Sofa is aesthetically attractive, appealing and durable for a lifetimes appreciation in your living space from our ample range of beautiful sofas.