Sofa Questions


How long do I wait for the sofa to be ready?

We are proud to be the UK fastest sofa makers. The production of a sofa usually takes two weeks from the date of an order. It's really short!

Please note that we also need about a week for a delivery.


There will be times when the waiting time might be slightly extended for various reasons. For example, the necessity of ordering a special fabric. If there is a delay in the production of this you will be informed ASAP. The maximum delay should be no longer than 1-2 weeks in relation to the standard time of production.

99% of our supply is carried out in less than four weeks.

If you have a deadline on the sofa and you need it ASAP, please contact us. We will adjust the production plan to your needs.


Can I order a sofa with customized dimensions?

Yes, you can. We are aware that each house, flat and room are different. You have your own idea of the space in the living room or lounge. We know about it just as well as about the fact that a sofa, which you are buying, should be entirely yours and meet all the criteria. From the design to the size.

Each model of a sofa or corner sofa at Funique furniture comes in many configurations. You can choose between single seater, double seater, 3 seater and corner sofas. Therefore you have a large variety of sizes available.


We suggest that you deal with these standard sizes, but if you need a sofa adjusted to the centimeter , please contact us. We will offer you customized size sofa. Remember that sofas with customized dimensions and completely adjusted to the customer can cost significantly more because their preparation and production is much more difficult and time consuming.

Therefore, a tailor-made sofa can be more expensive and the time of its manufacture may be longer than in case of standard sofas. Nevertheless, we believe that the diversity of dimensions and models at Funique Furniture will allow the selection within our standard offer.


IMPORTANT: If you decide to customize your sofa and provide us with specific dimensions, which, according to our engineer will not be possible to implement with the use of our machines or if there will be a threat to the strength of the product, we will inform you about it. We want each model, even the tailor-made, to meet the strict criteria of quality and strength. We prefer not to take on the job rather than deliver a product that will not meet our standards.


Can I use my own upholstery fabric for the sofa?

Of course. That is not a problem. If you like any of our sofas’ model and you have found a dream upholstery fabric from another supplier, then you can buy it yourself and send it to our company. We will sew a cover for the sofa which you have chosen at our shop.

However, remember to contact us before you purchase any fabric, in order to make sure if is suitable for the sofa you want and what is the fabric consumption for a given sofa. Also, be sure to buy the fabric that is destined for upholstered furniture. These special fabrics have been designed for furniture. In contrast to delicate decorative fabrics, upholstery fabrics are more durable. Before buying it, take a look at the technical parameters of the fabric and information about its maintenance.


All the fabrics that we use for the upholstery of our sofas and chairs are tested for strength and UV resistance. We are confident that they are perfectly arranged on the furniture. In case of fabrics which are supplied by customers and of which we know nothing, we can not be sure how they fit our furniture, we can guarantee that our upholsterers will do anything to make your sofa look amazing.


If it turns out after the delivery that a sofa does not fit into your interior and you want to return it, be sure that you will get the refund only for the product itself. We will not give you your money back for the delivered fabric. We will also not be able to recover the fabric used for the sofa.


Can I change the legs on my sofa?

Of course you can change your sofa legs. If you like one of our sofa model but you prefer different legs that offered as standard (eg. Metal instead of wooden legs), just tell us about it.

If you have found appropriate legs on different sofa from Funique’s offer or you want completely different legs from other manufacturer, please let us know about it via e-mail and send us a link to the product or attach a picture. We will select the appropriate legs from our offer to make a piece of furniture that you will receive your dream one. You may have an impact on the color of your sofa legs, the shape as well as the choice of material.

Remember, however, that all over the standard customized sofas or corner sofas cause an increase in prices and in the waiting time for the product.


Do you offer any guarantee on your sofas?

All sofas are covered by 10 year frame warranty. We believe that we are doing the best beds in the UK. Furniture frames made of the highest quality hard beech wood and chipboard.

On the padding elements we use a standard warranty of the manufacturer. If, after delivery, a sofa or any part raises any doubts, please contact us in order to clarify the situation. Remember that proper use of the furniture will give it longevity and make it looks good for years.

Read more about our 10 years warranty for sofa frames!


What materials are used in Funique’s sofas?

At Funique Furniture we pay great attention to the materials from which our sofas are made of. We take into account everything, starting from the quality and ending with the origin of the components used. We make sure that all the materials meet the highest quality standards and come from renewable sources. We also have in mind that the people whose duties include obtaining the materials, or at the very manufacture of sofas were given adequate remuneration for their work. We believe that only in this way will you get an excellent product that will be the fruit of the work of human hands, created in respect to the environment in which we live.


Sofa frames are made of beech wood. It is one of the hardest types of wood available in Europe. On the frames of our sofas there is a rack made of chipboard. Please remember that the wood used to manufacture our sofas should be the wood of a deciduous tree (a hard one), appropriately prepared for the treatment of furniture. The wood must be properly dried. A chipboard must be of superior quality, stored under appropriate conditions.

As regards sofa suspension, in order to obtain maximum comfort, we use bonell springs for the production of our sofas. The foams used in our sofas come from European suppliers (including UK suppliers), have all certificates allowing them to be sold on the British market. They are produced in accordance with all European standards and norms.

In order to gain optimum comfort and amazing appearance of the sofa for the production of seats and backrests use a mixture of flexible foams, comfortable and silicones. We are committed to each sofa was especially comfortable.

Also remember that a sofa purchase is for years and it is significant that the sofa did not undergo deformation and deflection when being used, and always looked like a new one. It is the appropriate choice of foam which allows for a perfect end result in the form of comfortable and durable sofas which for years of use will look like new ones.


Can I order fabric samples before I order a sofa?

Certainly! We are totally aware how difficult buying online and making good choices are. Therefore we try our best to make the decision making process easier, we also help with the selection of the best fabric in terms of texture, composition, or the parameters.

You can order up to 10 samples of fabrics. You will get them home in 2-5 working days. You will be able to touch the samples, see the color intensity, compare them to the other accents in your living room (e.g. a wallpaper or curtains). We hope that this help you make the right choice .

Order Free Fabric Samples now!

Read about our selection of quality, upholstery fabrics!


Is the sofa fabric exact colour match to the fabric samples?



Can I order extra cushions or other accessories using the same fabric as for the sofa?

Of course! Most of the fabrics offered for upholstred furniture like sofa, can also be used to offer you extra accessories for your living room.

If you want to adjust the cushions to the sofa and would like to add a touch of modern design to your living room with the use of massive bean bag in the color of the sofa. There is no problem.

We can fullfill all your dreams and make them come true. Starting with decorative cushions or sofa pillows, bean bags, poufs and ending with the curtains. If you dream of curtains in the color the sofa, no problem. We can do it for you. You can purchase the same decorative fabrics and order the sewing to the local tailor.


Does the sofa have a changable cover?

Some of our sofas have removable covers. Such sofas are a good choice for those of you who like frequent changes in interior design. If, along with the change of seasons you like to change the color of curtains, you are a fan of minor repairs and need frequent changes in the arrangement of a retractable cover, it will be a perfect choice. This way you will be able to freshen up your living room without having to replace the entire piece of furniture.

The feeling of freshness in your room without having to replace the sofa every season. We also recommend sofas with removable covers for the parents of small children and those of you who arrange events at home. Thanks to that you can download the cover of sofas easily and take it to a professional cleaner, or if the material allows it, wash it in the washing machine.


Do you make leather sofa covers?

We specialize in sofas with fabrics, however, our machines and specialists who are well qualified and able to make sofas and sofa corners with leather upholstery as well.

If your dream sofa is a modern sofa in brown leather or classic sofa in beige leather, then bear in mind that we can gladly do it for you. Remember that leather consumption is different than fabric consumption, which has a significant impact on the price of the sofa or corner sofa.

We use the highest quality leather imported from Italy. As a result, we are absolutely confident that a sofa delivered to your home will amaze you with high quality, workmanship and its design.

Nevertheless remember about animals and try to be eco friendly. If you do not have to buy a furniture piece with leather upholstery, give up buying one with natural leather and choose one with high quality fabrics or consider purchasing a high quality eco leather sofa.


Where can I see the sofa before I place an order?

Our sofas are available only on-line, on our website. We have no expensive stores and show rooms on high street, but this way we can offer you high quality products at very attractive prices.


Can I add the sleeping function to my sofa?

Sofa beds are very useful solution. If you have a limited space and if you often have guests staying at night at your place or if you live in a studio flat and your room is both a living room and bedroom, then it is worth to consider the design and functionality when buying a sofa or sofa corner. Most of our sofa models have the possibility of installing the sleeping function.


The sleeping functions are assembled in our sofas and sofa corners are of excellent quality, based on French designs, equipped with comfortable mattresses. They cannot be compared to cheap sofa beds from the Far East. Our sofa beds can be used for everyday use.

Please note that the sleeping function has an effect on the price of the sofa, it also slightly reduces the level of seating comfort .

If you are confused or do not know whether toopt for a sofa or a sofa bed, do not hesitate to contact us .

Describe your needs and planned purpose of your sofa, and we will help you make the best choice.