General Furniture Questions


Do you have a sales showroom or shop where I can see the furniture?

No. Funique is an on-line furniture shop. We can offer you the best prices for highest quality furniture also because we do not have to pay a rent for a show room. We offer the same standards to the customers all over UK. You can check all the details, pictures and technical specification of the furniture on our website.


Where are all your furniture manufactured?

We offer highest quality furniture only from European manufacturers. Funique cooperates with UE factories with many years of experience in the furniture manufacturing.

Our suppliers use only highest quality products like solid wood and premium fabrics.


It is worth noting that we also sell furniture to the hotels. Our portfolio includes well-known international hotel chains in different countries. The experience in the hospitality industry allows us to maintain the highest standard of services and affordable prices at the same time.

We use the same materials which are being used on a daily basis by the most renowned architects and interior office designers in the UK. Fabrics for upholstered furniture (sofas, dining chairs, armchairs) are imported from Holland, Italy or Spain.


To meet the needs of customers, we offer the highest standard of materials at reasonable prices. Therefore everyone can enjoy a great design at home without spending a fortune on furniture and decorations.


What materials are used in your furniture?

Materials and fabrics used in the furniture production are the most important issue. Keep in mind that you have a direct contact with your furniture, so it is essential that the materials were of high quality, environmentally friendly, with documented origin and fulfilling European requirements and safety standards. They should also be non-toxic.

When buying a table, remember that it will come into contact with food. What is more, you will be spending several hours a day on your sofa or chair. Your baby in its first months will be spending most of its time in bed, lying on a mattress. Apart from the safety rules and procedures, technical parameters are extremely important. Wood used in the production of furniture must be appropriately prepared for its processing. It must be aged and dried to desired moisture content. Wood that is too moist or too dry is not suitable for furniture. It will deform and crack or give resin.


At Funique furniture is our passion. We know how important the choice of materials for the production of furniture is. What is also significant to us is the origin of the products. We want the wood used for the furniture production to come from renewable sources, and be acquired in respect for the environment. For dining room wooden furniture we use Danish, German and Polish waxes and varnishes. They are non-toxic and produced in accordance with European standards.

Regarding the choice of materials for children's furniture, we do it with special caution. A separate article is dedicated to this issue. If you want to learn more about the materials, please go to the article.


Do I receive the furniture assembled?

Furniture such as sofas or dininga chairs require no assembly. Also some large sideboards and cupboards with glass shelves or glass door are delivered to you as one, ready piece. Minimal assembly is required in case of tables and corner sofas.

Some of the furniture pieces such as cot beds are flat packed and require assembly.

Funique provides you detailed information about each item on the prodeuct site. You will find out wheter the item you want to buy, requires assembly or not. Do not worry though. Even if it the assembly of the product is required, all necessary manual instructions are provided and the assembly itself is very easy and intuitive. For some product we also provide special video manual on our You Tube channel.

If you could not find any information about the assembly of your new furniture, do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you all necessary information on the level of complexity of the assembly and estimated assembly time.


I am looking for a particular product that is not listed on your website. Can you offer me one?

We coopearate directly with the major European furniture manufacturers. We can offer you more furniture pieces and solutions that you have found on our website.

We also offer you a possibility to customize your order! Is the sofa is to long? Do you want a upholstered dining chair in different fabric? Do not worry! There is no "mission impossible" for us. Just contact us for details!