Delivery Questions


What is the cost of the delivery?

 Funique offers FREE DELIVERY for UK Mainland to all furniture orders valued over £99. Only for smaller items and accessories whrn ordered separately (and valued under £99) we will calculate and charge small delivery fee. [read more]


How long will delivery take?

The time of delivery is influenced by various factors and therefore we do not have only one delivery time for all products.

If you select a product that we have in stock, then the delivery usually takes place within 7-14 days from the purchase date.

If you are buying a sofa or dining chair that will be manufactured for you on an individual order, delivery time is 3-4 weeks. In case of customized orders delivery is agreed individually with the customer


For each product on you can find information about the given product delivery time. Just go to “Additional” and check "Delivery times" information.

If you can not find information about the delivery time or when you need to make sure when will your perfect piece of furniture be delivered, just contact us. We will provide you with comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of the delivery.


Do you offer the delivery over the weekend?

In some areas there is a possibility of delivery on Saturday or Sunday. Delivery at the weekend may be associated with an additional fee. If you need a weekend delivery please contact our customer service. We will see if delivery in your area is possible and how much it will be.

In case you have not contacted us on the delivery of your dream sofa or chairs at the weekend, we will ship it to you during working days.


Can I have an order delivered to an address that is different to my billing address?

 Yes. You can specify the delivery address which is different from your billing address. Please make sure while placing an order to give us exact delivery address.

You can also update us if your delivery address has changed. However we need to receive the information before the order has been shipped.


Does deliver outside mainland UK and overseas?

Yes. We can deliver to any address around the world. You must be aware that all delveries outside UK and overseas are not FREE of charge. The shipping fee will be calucated indvidually, depending on the destination and dimensions of products ordered.

Do not hesutate to contact us for a delivery quotation before you place an order on


Will the delivery man contact me before the arrival?

For large furniture items we always contact you 1-2 days before delivery to reduce the waiting time for the courier and maximize the efficiency of delivery. The delivery man should contact you on the day of the delivery to agree the exact time of arrival.

This solution offers advantages for both the customer and the shop. In addition, it does not remain indifferent to the environment. The customer saves time and does not have to wait all day for a delivery man. A delivery man does not need to take multiple attempts to successfully deliver a piece of furniture which translates into cost of delivery. Thanks to effective delivery, we reduce the CO2 emissions, what has a positive impact on our environment. Remember that despite our best efforts sometimes some unexpected situations may occur and a delivery slot can be extended. Please bear with us and let us remind you that we always make our best to deliver your sofa or any other piece of furniture on time.


In the case of smaller size furniture pieces which do not exceed 30 kg, we use the parcel courier services. You will receive a consigment number and a link to the tracking number 1-2 days in advance.

The courier company also provides Estimated Delivery Time in order to reduce the waiting time for the courier to minimum. Remember that the courier delivery man has no obligation to bring the package to the destination room.

In addition, in the absence of the recipient, the courier has the right to leave the parcel at the neighbors. If for health reasons or any other you are concerned that you will have a problem with bringing the package, please contact us. We will try ty organize the delivery process to make you 100% with your purchase.


Can the delivery man help me with the sofa or other large item?

Of course. All the plus size furniture, such as sofas, wooden cabinets or large solid wood tables required at lease two man delivery. We provide this service for free. The large piece of furniture is brought into the room which you point to the delivery man.

To make sure the process of delivery goes nice and smooth, please prepare your flat or house appropriately. It is mainly about the cleansing of a "communication route" and creating space for the safe transport of the sofa, armchair or the cabinet.

If you have a problem with the old sofa and expect us to prevent the old furniture out of the house for disposal is pleased to announce that it is a possibility, however, must be notified in advance. This may involve an additional fee. if you need to export the old furniture we use a specialized logistics company which brings our furniture to our customers’ houses and the old pieces of furniture from them.


What happens if I am not in to accept my delivery?



Why do I need to inspect and sign for the goods?



What do I do if I receive my goods but the packaging is damaged?



Do you offer free return to all the orders?

Yes, for all the standard product available on

Whether you are buying a baby cot bed or a sofa or a corner sofa, and if it, for some reasons does not fit into your interior you can return the goods to us and we will give you full money back. This allows you to calmly make a decision and the transaction is not burdened with the risk of a wrong choice or buying a product that does not meet your expectations.


However, if you have purchased a sofa from our collection and you provided us with fabric upholstery and after the service you have became convinced that it sofa does not fit into your interior and you want to return it to us, then remember that you will receive reimbursement for the sofa without the fabric! The fabric used to sew the cover will not be refunded.


We encourage you to make well-thought choices. If you are not sure whether your choice is right, please contact our super friendly customer care service team. You can write to us by email, phone or you can send your question online via chat. We would also like to remind you about the possibility of placing an order for free samples of upholstery fabrics. All specifications of the products and materials used can be found on our website.