Frequently Asked Questions

General Furniture Questions

Do you have a sales showroom or shop where I can see the furniture?

No. Funique is an on-line furniture shop. We can offer you the best prices for highest quality furniture also because we do not have to pay a rent for a show room. We offer the same standards to the customers all over UK. You can check all the details, pictures and technical specification of the furniture on our website. [read more]

Where are all your furniture manufactured?

We offer highest quality furniture ONLY from European manufacturers. Funique cooperates with UE factories with many years of experience in the furniture manufacturing.

Our suppliers use only highest quality products like solid wood and premium fabrics. [read more]


What materials are used in your furniture?

At Funique furniture is our passion. We know how important the choice of materials for the production of furniture is. What is also significant to us is the origin of the products. It is essential that the materials were of high quality, environmentally friendly, with documented origin and fulfilling European requirements and safety standards [read more]

Do I receive the furniture assembled?

 Funique provides you detailed information about each item on the prodeuct site. You will find out wheter the item you want to buy, requires assembly or not. Large items like  sofas or glass door cupboards require no assembly or only minimal assembly is required (e.g. tables and corner sofas).Some of the furniture pieces such as cot beds are flat packed and require assembly.

Check product details before you place an order to be sure if it already assembled or not. [read more]

I am looking for a particular product that is not listed on your website. Can you offer me one?

 We coopearate directly with the major European furniture manufacturers. We can offer you more furniture pieces and solutions that you have found on our website.

We also offer you a possibility to customize your order! Is the sofa is to long? Do you want a upholstered dining chair in different fabric? Do not worry! There is no "mission impossible" for us. Just contact us for details! [read more]

Delivery Questions

What is the cost of the delivery?


How long will delivery take?

The time of delivery is influenced by various factors and therefore we do not have only one delivery time for all products.Please check the product page of the item you are interested in and check its individual, estimated delivery time.

You can also contact us to make sure when we can deliver the piece of furniture if your dreams [read more]

Can I specify a delivery date while placing the order?


Do you offer the delivery over the weekend?

 In some areas there is a possibility of delivery on Saturday or Sunday. Delivery at the weekend may be associated with an additional fee. If you need a weekend delivery please contact our customer service. We will see if delivery in your area is possible and how much it will be.

In case you have not contacted us on the delivery of your dream sofa or chairs at the weekend, we will ship it to you during working days.

Can I have an order delivered to an address that is different to my billing address?


Does deliver outside mainland UK and overseas?


Will the delivery man contact me before the arrival?

We always contact you 1-2 days before delivery to reduce the waiting time for the courier and maximize the efficiency of delivery. For dedicated 2 man delivery service, the delivery team will also contact you on the day of the delivery to confirm the exact time of arrival.

In the case of smaller size furniture pieces which we dispatch with standard parcel courier services, you will receive a consigment number and a link to the tracking number 1-2 days in advance.

Can the delivery man help me with the sofa or other large item?


What happens if I am not in to accept my delivery?


Why do I need to inspect and sign for the goods?


What do I do if I receive my goods but the packaging is damaged?


Do you offer free return to all the orders?

 Yes, for all the standard product available on

Whether you are buying a baby cot bed or a sofa or a corner sofa, and if it, for some reasons does not fit into your interior you can return the goods to us and we will give you full money back. This allows you to calmly make a decision and the transaction is not burdened with the risk of a wrong choice or buying a product that does not meet your expectations. [read more]

Sofa Questions

How long do I wait for the sofa to be ready?

 We are proud to be the UK fastest sofa makers. The production of a sofa usually takes two weeks from the date of an order. It's really short!

Please note that we also need about a week for a delivery. [read more]

Can I order a sofa with customized dimensions?

Yes, you can. We are aware that each house, flat and room are different. You have your own idea of the space in the living room or lounge. We know about it just as well as about the fact that a sofa, which you are buying, should be entirely yours and meet all the criteria. From the design to the size. [read more]

Can I use my own upholstery fabric for the sofa?

Of course. That is not a problem. If you like any of our sofas’ model and you have found a dream upholstery fabric from another supplier, then you can buy it yourself and send it to our company. We will sew a cover for the sofa which you have chosen at our shop. [read more]

Can I change the legs on my sofa?

 Of course you can change your sofa legs. If you like one of our sofa model but you prefer different legs that offered as standard (eg. Metal instead of wooden legs), just tell us about it. [read more]

Do you offer any guarantee on your sofas?


All sofas are covered by 10 year frame warranty. We believe that we are doing the best beds in the UK. Furniture frames made of the highest quality hard beech wood and chipboard.

On the padding elements we use a standard warranty of the manufacturer. If, after delivery, a sofa or any part raises any doubts, please contact us in order to clarify the situation. Remember that proper use of the furniture will give it longevity and make it looks good for years. [read more]

What materials are used in Funique’s sofas?

 At Funique Furniture we pay great attention to the materials from which our sofas are made of. We take into account everything, starting from the quality and ending with the origin of the components used. We make sure that all the materials meet the highest quality standards and come from renewable sources. [read more]

Can I order fabric samples before I order a sofa?

Certainly! We are totally aware how difficult buying online and making good choices are. Therefore we try our best to make the decision making process easier, we also help with the selection of the best fabric in terms of texture, composition, or the parameters.

Order Free Fabric Samples now!

Is the sofa fabric exact colour match to the fabric samples?


Can I order extra cushions or other accessories using the same fabric as for the sofa?

 Of course! Most of the fabrics offered for upholstred furniture like sofa, can also be used to offer you extra accessories for your living room.

If you want to adjust the cushions to the sofa and would like to add a touch of modern design to your living room with the use of massive bean bag in the color of the sofa. There is no problem.

Does the sofa have a changable cover?

 Some of our sofas have removable covers. Such sofas are a good choice for those of you who like frequent changes in interior design. If, along with the change of seasons you like to change the color of curtains, you are a fan of minor repairs and need frequent changes in the arrangement of a retractable cover, it will be a perfect choice. This way you will be able to freshen up your living room without having to replace the entire piece of furniture.  [read more]

Do you make leather sofa covers?

 We specialize in sofas with fabrics, however, our machines and specialists who are well qualified and able to make sofas and sofa corners with leather upholstery as well.

Where can I see the sofa before I place an order?

 Our sofas are available only on-line, on our website. We have no expensive stores and show rooms on high street, but this way we can offer you high quality products at very attractive prices.


Can I add the sleeping function to my sofa?

Yes, Most of our sofa models have the possibility of installing the sleeping function. Sofa beds are very useful solution if you have limited space for both sofa and a bed or you want your living room be the guest room from time to time.  [read more]

Dining Chairs Questions

How long do I wait for the chairs to be ready?


Can I use my own upholstery fabric for the chairs?


What materials and fabrics are used in Funique’s upholstered dining chairs?


I can order a single chair?


I can order large amount of chairs e.g. for a restaurant, pub or a hotel?


Do you offer special discount for large orders?


Do you deliver the chairs fully assambled or is the assembly required?


Do the chairs have changable covers?


Where can I see the chairs before I place an order?


Nursery Furniture Questions

How long do I wait for the cot bed to be ready?


Are all the cot beds the same size?


What kind of cot bed mattress should I use?


Do you have the matching furniture to all the cot beds in your offer?


Can I order a cot bed together with items from other collections?


What can I do with a cot bed after my baby becomes too big for it?