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Perhaps, any mistress dreamed of buying a sideboard for the dining room. With these words, one immediately recalls the roominess of these cabinets. Where you can fit everything, anything. On the shelves behind the glazed door, you can put the most beautiful and original dishes, or accessories, looking at which will rejoice not only the hostess but also the guests.

Design solutions buffets have no limits; they are high and not very, with transparent doors and without, with mirror walls and without them. Most often, you can find sideboards divided in half. The upper part of them is open to the eyes, and the lower one with wooden doors. They will look stylish not only in the dining room, but also in the kitchen, living room and even in a bathroom! After all, you can hide and put so many things in them.

Do not forget about the sideboards in the living room and kitchen. In fact, you will also receive a wonderful cabinet with glass doors, but drawers will please you with their spaciousness, because you can put everything there, from tableware to kitchen textiles. Also, do not forget that the sideboards are a great variety, and very convenient in its location - a corner sideboard for the dining room. It does not take up much space, but you can put a lot in it. Type in the search engine photo of the sideboards and choose a buffet or a sideboard suitable for you.

The history of such a habitual for us wooden dining room sideboard began several centuries ago, and in the 18th century, this piece of interior acquired modern forms. Massive and richly decorated cupboards and sideboards with equally beautiful utensils were decorated with dining rooms (and sometimes drawing rooms) of the nobility. Over time, furniture became more practical and moved to the kitchen. Among the large assortment of furniture, the sideboard is now a special place. Without it, the interior is unthinkable in many stylistic interpretations. If you think that some room in the house lacks atmospheric and special mood, we will help to solve this problem and advise the original solution created by experienced designers.

The wooden sideboard is an intertwining of traditions and innovations

The wooden sideboard for dishes traditionally has several tiers. Bottom are door-closed shelves, which store frequently used items (plates, pans). Under the countertop, as a rule, there is a pair of drawers for cutlery and all sorts of small things. The upper part is the opening or glass shelves, where dishes are placed, which is not used every day and serves as a kind of decoration. The sideboards for the living room, of course, are not designed for storing kitchen utensils. They function as a cabinet. Personal and memorabilia, decoration items – what is most often hidden in the presented furniture.

If you are looking for an original and non-standard modern dining room sideboard from solid or oak, then we have got to the address. Online UK furniture store "MrHousey.co.uk" has collected a unique collection of exclusive and high-quality models, which are due to the appearance of the leading designers and experienced masters of the best factories. We offer not only non-standard models of sideboards for the dining rooms, but also for the living rooms, bed and bathrooms. This item will also be relevant in the interiors of restaurants, bars, hotel rooms.

The catalog has excellent options for classic, modern, vintage, minimalistic, oriental and Scandinavian interiors. In addition, you will find models in the style of high-tech, art deco, Provence, glamor.

The assortment of wooden dining room sideboards, which you can buy at any convenient time, also expands the rich color palette. Restrained (white, brown, beige, black, ivory, gray, milky) or saturated and bright tones (red, blue, yellow, green, orange)? Choose what is closer to you.

There are a lot of types of a wooden cupboards, chests of drawers and other sideboards for dishes. Our consultants will tell you which model will be most organic in a particular room. In addition, they are happy to help complete the designer furniture the whole house or apartment. We are ready for assignments of various scales. Set a task of any complexity - you will be pleasantly surprised by the result of the work of a team of professionals.