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  1. 4 You Sideboard in White or Grey by VOX
    Special Price £390.00 Regular Price £499.00
  2. AbbeyWood Sideboard Black Oak / charcoal
    Special Price £655.00 Regular Price £1,299.00
  3. AbbeyWood Sideboard Oak/charcoal
    Special Price £629.00 Regular Price £1,249.00
  4. Bilboa Sideboard Print Oak/White
    Special Price £610.00 Regular Price £1,199.00
  5. Camden Sideboard Blue Herringbone Print
    Special Price £539.00 Regular Price £949.00
  6. Camden Sideboard Cube Print
    Special Price £559.00 Regular Price £999.00
  7. Camden Sideboard Herringbone Print
    Special Price £559.00 Regular Price £999.00
    Out of stock
  8. Cubis Sideboard White/ Oak
    Special Price £449.00 Regular Price £799.00
  9. Erik Scandi Retro TV Unit with Drawers in White
    Special Price £239.00 Regular Price £449.00
  10. Flemming White Chest of Drawers in Scandi Style
    Special Price £259.00 Regular Price £499.00
    Out of stock
  11. Flop Sideboard Walnut/White
    Special Price £479.00 Regular Price £899.00
  12. Frame Modern Storage Cabinet With Metal Legs Right
    Special Price £279.00 Regular Price £549.00
  13. Frame Sideboard 1 Door & 2 Drawer
    Special Price £279.00 Regular Price £549.00
  14. Frame Sideboard in Maple & Black | Metal Legs
    Special Price £379.00 Regular Price £699.00
  15. Jacob Scandinavian Sideboard White & Oak - Large
    Special Price £469.00 Regular Price £999.00
  16. Jacob Sideboard In Matt White And Oak With 6 Drawers And 2 Door
    Special Price £439.00 Regular Price £799.00
  17. Lilla Ateljen Sideboard
    Special Price £835.00 Regular Price £1,599.00
  18. Lugo Sideboard
    Special Price £619.00 Regular Price £1,219.00
  19. Nordic High Gloss Sideboard With Oak Legs
    Special Price £229.00 Regular Price £449.00
  20. Nordic Scandi Cabinet in High Gloss White & Oak
    Special Price £309.00 Regular Price £599.00
  21. Nordic Wide Sideboard in High Gloss White
    Special Price £309.00 Regular Price £599.00
  22. Novum Budget Cabinet With Oak Legs
    Special Price £199.00 Regular Price £399.00
  23. Novum Scandinavian Cabinet in white & Oak
    Special Price £149.00 Regular Price £299.00
  24. Oslo Sideboard
    Special Price £519.00 Regular Price £999.00
  25. Parisen Buffet / Sideboard with Glass Display
    Special Price £599.00 Regular Price £1,199.00
    Out of stock
  26. Scandi Modern Sideboard White & Oak
    Special Price £289.00 Regular Price £549.00
  27. Sumire Lowboard
    Special Price £545.00 Regular Price £999.00
  28. Vox Concept Chest of Drawers in Different Colour Variations
    Special Price £269.00 Regular Price £549.00

28 Items

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In modern apartments, a dining room is rare. As a rule, it is spatially combined with the kitchen for convenience and functionality. In any case, for the organization of the so-called "dining" zone special furniture is required.

The most attention deserves dining sets. The table, complete with the necessary number of chairs suitable for style, occupies a central place in the room for eating. Modern dining groups are created with the expectation of completely different tastes and needs of customers. Modern dining sets - for apartments in the style of high-tech, classic dining sets from valuable species of wood - for the corresponding strict and refined interiors.

But the table and a set of chairs furniture for the dining room and the kitchen is not limited at all. In our catalog, you are offered a photo of the furniture for the dining room, designed to organize the storage zone - cabinets, display cabinets, modern sideboards and other "containers" will make your dining room cozy and consistent in a single style.

Modern sideboards for dining room

The modern sideboard is an integral part of the interior of the dining room or living room. It has a small height so that the things stored in it (most often it is utensils) are always within reach. The bottom part in most of models is equipped with drawers or standard shelves, where you can conveniently place cutlery, napkins, tablecloths, etc.

The top of the sideboard is equipped with doors of transparent, matt or tinted glass, often decorated with patterns or patterns. Due to its spaciousness, it is easy to arrange a considerable amount of dishes, original souvenirs, awards, worthy guests. This piece of furniture is functional and practical.

Modern display cabinets for the dining room

This modern and fashionable interior can emphasize and complement the design of the room. Display cabinets and chic stylish contemporary sideboards are functional and aesthetic; they are designed to store various things. They can great glassware, crystal, souvenirs and memorable presents and look great – glassware, crystal, in high-gloss. Display cases are also suitable for different collections of objects.

Especially spectacular display cabinet for the dining room looks in the dark, when the internal lighting is turned on, giving the room a romantic look. The display cabinets and sideboards for the dining room have a number of significant advantages, including:


  • A large model range, represented by furniture, made in both classical and modern style;
  • A variety of design solutions: straight, angular, unusual geometric shapes of the sideboards for the dining room;
  • A wide choice of colors and textures, which allows you to find an acceptable option for the interior of your living room;
  • Functionality, use of a sideboard for the placement of memorable souvenirs, statuettes, services;
  • Reliability, practicality and environmental friendliness, ensuring a long period of furniture operation.


Create a unique interior of the modern dining room, buying beautiful and UK best quality contemporary cabinets or sideboards for living rooms at affordable price at an online furniture store ""!