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  1. Gentle High Gloss Sideboard 4 Doors & 2 Drawers
    Special Price £319.00 Regular Price £629.98
  2. Gentle Modern Highboard in High Gloss
    Special Price £239.99 Regular Price £449.98
  3. Gentle Sideboard 2 Doors & 4 Draws
    Special Price £334.99 Regular Price £669.98
  4. Glacier Modern Sideboard in High Gloss White
    Special Price £379.99 Regular Price £739.98
  5. Glacier Modern Sideboard With Display & LED
    Special Price £499.99 Regular Price £1,029.98
  6. Magnus Modern Display Cabinet - Large
    Special Price £449.99 Regular Price £899.98
  7. Magnus Modern Sideboard in Sand Grey
    Special Price £349.00 Regular Price £699.00
  8. Napoli Sideboard Small in High Gloss & Walnut Effect
    Special Price £274.99 Regular Price £549.98
  9. Nordic High Gloss Sideboard With Oak Legs
    Special Price £229.00 Regular Price £449.00
  10. Nordic Scandi Cabinet in High Gloss White & Oak
    Special Price £309.00 Regular Price £599.00
  11. Nordic Wide Sideboard in High Gloss White
    Special Price £309.00 Regular Price £599.00
  12. Pimlico Lowboard
    Special Price £719.00 Regular Price £1,299.00
  13. Tinsbury Glossy Cupboard With Display
    Special Price £509.99 Regular Price £1,019.98
  14. Tinsbury High Gloss Cabinet (3 Doors) in Sand Gloss
    Special Price £369.99 Regular Price £739.98
  15. Toledo Modern Sideboard in High Gloss
    Special Price £329.00 Regular Price £649.98
  16. Toledo Unique Sideboard in High Gloss White
    Special Price £439.99 Regular Price £839.98

17 Items

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Set Descending Direction


It is difficult to imagine a piece of furniture that would bring more comfort and warmth to the interior than a sideboard. Not so much comfort, how many memories of the grandmother's house, the warmth of the family hearth and fidelity to traditions envelop this sideboard in modern design projects. Fashion is always cyclical and those pieces of furniture that were popular about 50-80 years ago, which were forced out of our everyday use with furniture sets and ready-made kitchen solutions, again become mainstream and fill their uniqueness with modern kitchen design projects.

For the younger generation, the sideboard is a relic of the past. Although, with the appropriate modern design, the good old sideboard can serve as a spectacular decor of the dining room, living room or large kitchen.

Sideboards are popular again. At what, this unique piece of furniture is easily integrated both in vintage stylistic directions, and in modern ones. If in the classical style, a chic or a vintage buffet emphasizes the tradition, a feature of the established ways of performing furniture for storing dishes, in any of the modern stylistics the original cupboard can become a highlight of the interior that attracts all looks.

The main difference between the sideboard and the cupboard is the absence of an intermediate niche (between the upper and lower part). The top of the sideboard serves as a cabinet display, in which you can place not only beautiful dishes, but also books with culinary recipes. (Spoons, forks, knives) and other kitchen small things (paper towels, napkins, small household appliances, parchment, etc.).

The filling of the buffet can be very diverse - from simple shelves to ultra-modern rotating trays, which can be moved out of the storage system and provide access even to the most difficult corners of the cabinet. For the rational storage of cutlery and various kitchen utensils, special dividers are installed inside the drawers - saving space for the distribution of spoons and forks, as well as time for searching is also reflected in the incredibly orderly way of arranging the cupboard.

Recommendations for choosing a sideboard for dishes:

  • Absolute conformity to the design of the room - style, colors, decor elements;
  • The use of modern (if possible) and quality materials - for the kitchen necessarily waterproof materials that withstand temperature fluctuations, the living room can use glossy surfaces and neglect a high degree of moisture protection;
  • Reliable fittings - retractable sleds, hinges and furniture handles should be designed for long life in various operating conditions;
  • Careful choice of glass for display cabinets - a proven manufacturer, a minimum of relief on the surface, a thickness of at least 4 mm, microtscratches and cracks are unacceptable;
  • Thoughtful functional - the overall dimensions should not only correspond to the room where to use the cupboard, but also the desired capacity. Before, than to buy or make an order for a cupboard for dishes, think about what you are going to store in it and how much;
  • Possible use of lighting - the backlight of the display case for dishes is able to give a large cabinet lightness and elegance.
  • Cabinet for dishes - practical furniture of modern interior. Convenient, beautiful, high-quality, roomy and extremely functional wardrobes with display elements, selected according to our recommendations, can create a special atmosphere in the guest room, dining room and kitchen.

Our modern furniture is made from high-quality materials and exceed all the EU standards. Looking through our wide catalog of high-gloss sideboards for your dining room, make sure you are choosing the appropriate sideboard, which could fit into your design by color and materials. If you have any questions, do not hesitate, and call us and stay in touch with our furniture company. Our experienced customer service team would love to provide you with all the necessary information and help you to choose what you exactly need and what you are looking for!