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  1. Nordic High Display Cabinet | Highboard
    Special Price £249.00 Regular Price £499.00
  2. Nordic High Gloss Cabinet With Glass Display & Oak Legs
    Special Price £259.00 Regular Price £499.00
  3. Tinsbury Display & Storage Cabinet in High Gloss White
    Special Price £204.99 Regular Price £409.98
  4. Tinsbury Display Cabinet With LED
    Special Price £509.99 Regular Price £1,019.98
  5. Tinsbury Glossy Cupboard With Display
    Special Price £509.99 Regular Price £1,019.98
  6. Tinsbury High Gloss Cabinet (3 Doors) in Sand Gloss
    Special Price £369.99 Regular Price £739.98

6 Items

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Our furniture is a treat for lovers of modernist style. It is the TOP 1 nowadays and because of its timeless character and infinite possibility to arrange, it will not be just a regular fad. What you will appreciate, is that our furniture is very versatile and there is no need to assign them to one function or to a particular room.

Out high gloss cabinets for example, can successfully be a consistent part of either your kitchen, dining or living room. Although it certainly does not exhaust the possibilities.

If you dream of contemporary dining room, which delights with its clean and sleek look you will achieve this effect with our modern furniture. To emphasize these specific features it is worth to choose high gloss white storage furniture. This color always helps achieve the effect of impeccability and a fresh clean look, which is essential in any modern and cozy dining room.

In the end, each of us likes the dining room, which is the heart of the family home, to be not only cozy but also neat and full of brightness.

Our high gloss white display cabinets thanks to its uncluttered and unadorned design appears as a very tasteful and timeless choice. These aspects are crucial for the user who wants to equip the kitchen or dining area for many-many years to come, avoiding extra costs and disappointment when suddenly the fashion changes.

We also want to assure you that our products are made with the utmost attention to quality and details. We strongly rely on the concept of precision, durability and superior value.

In a situation where you find our high gloss storage just perfect to place in your dining room, you can be sure that you are 100% right! Such universal and modern style appeals to people who like unconventional and original interiors. No wonder, in the end the bright and airy space, makes us feel extremely comfortable. To introduce even more lightness to the interior, take a look on a high gloss white cabinets which can be splendid choice. Certainly, you will be able to fit a specific piece of furniture to your needs and overall design of your home or apartment.

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You will be surprised with the fact how such clean and well-defined furniture help to improve the ergonomics of dining space or any other domestic area.