Biki Modern Corner Sofa With Metal Legs

Biki Modern Corner Sofa is what you need after long hours at work or an active day off. Sit down and stretch your legs with a cup of tea or coffee in your hand. Take a deep breath and slow down. Finding your favorite spot with Biki Contemporary Corner Sofa will be extremely easy and pleasurable.

Solid beech wood frame and 10 years frame warranty are a promise of a long happy life for you and Biki Contemporary Corner Sofa along your side. And they lived happily ever after… Funique can make it your story too! Just give us a few weeks.

You can also enjoy Biki Single Seater, Double Seater and Biki 3 Seater. Life is full of small and big things to be happy about

If you look for the quality piece of furniture to become centre of your houselife and keep its nice and modern look for long ages. You appreciate the quality but you can't spend 3K or 4K for the sofa. Then Run away from the high street and buy your perfect sofa online at funique! Shop with confidence with our no hassle free returns with free collections policy.