Cheeky Monkey Unique Nursery & Kids Furniture Set

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Minimalistic, modern, functional and fun, this is exactly what we wanted to achieve by creating a Cheeky Monkey Collection. This unique nursery furniture provides just the environment every child needs to feel happy!

We introduced really great innovation, through which you can always re-arrange the modern nursery sets by changing the colour of details. This collection has been designed for the changing needs of your growing child.

Most importantly, we did not forget that your toddler's room will continuously hold a very important place in his heart. It is understandable that due to the amount of time that the child spends in it, he will identify himself with this interior. All children want to decorate the room according to their preferences, to reflect their personality. We care to emphasize the individuality of your child. In the end his room is the only spot he can call his own.

Taking care of all of the above aspects, we have not forgotten the basic principles - functionality and timelessness!

Letting the kids furniture to reflect who they are, we thought of the practical side too.

This is a key matter that all the essential pieces are neutral in colour and theme. Neutral does not mean boring! Because our white Cheeky Monkey furniture are colorful!

Thanks to the specially designed handles this unusual nursery furniture introducing an unprecedented innovation, which is the ability to swap the colour of the handles at any time. The basic package of color is up to 5 colors: Green, Blue (Navy Blue), Orange, Pink (Magenta), Light Grey.

Colour handles can fit into the space through the use of wood-like foil. For example, combine the colour of the handles with the colour of the floor or doors. Using the rest of the wallpaper we can make handles in the color of the walls!

We are proud not only of the ingenuity which characterizes this collection, but also the highest quality of workmanship.

Cheeky Monkey furniture are made of high quality materials such as varnished MDF, top quality hinges and rails by Blum, with a quiet and safe closing system installed in all doors and drawers. The edges of our furniture are radiused to ensure maximum safety of your child.

The biggest advantage of our unique nursery furniture is its versatility and remarkable design. Furniture from this collection are designed to grow with your child and adapt to its needs, also the needs of visual changes!

Just change the color or decor of handles and the whole look will be different.

Nothing easier! Within a short time you can change a piece of furniture from a girlish style to a typical boyish, from the childish to something special for the teenager.

Help your child to create the perfect place to express himself and buy nursery furniture online uk!