Here at MrHousey we are passionate about sustainability and always have been from when we started. We believe in making furniture with a long life, made from wood that is harvested from sustainably managed forests in Europe, we do not get any of our wood from outside the EU and that is not non sustainable .

We are so confident in our craftsmanship of the handmade pieces and materials that we are now offering a 10 year frame guarantee on are sofa’s and arm chairs as proof of our confidence (Check the great terms and conditions out as you will be amazed by what we are offering), this is not something that you often come across in the world of furniture retail where our competitors will use every trick in the trade to sell you something that will they claim last for a long time and when you bring it back they won’t give you your money back as they promised they would.

We here at MrHousey find this sort of behaviour in the industry despicable and this is why we are changing the trend with are guarantees which safe guard you not us.