Sleeping is a crucial moment for children. It is the process affecting their development both physically and mentally. During the sleep, their behaviours, social skills, and memory abilities start to evolve. But just the sleeping is not sufficient. It is vital to provide the right sleeping habits and conditions for your baby. Every baby is unique with their sleeping routines in the first weeks. It is a significant process for their development in the brain. However, you can positively affect and shape their sleeping habits later. Your little one's learning skills will show the full potential with this help.

Newborns (0-3 months)

Newborn babies usually sleep up to 17 hours a day. These naps take around 1-4 hours depending on your baby's physical requirements like being fed or changed. It appears as the period when their sleep is too light and can easily be disrupted by external stimuli. A good sleep in the first 3 months period is vital as it is the period when a baby develops an ability to recognize faces. Newborns start to have a bond with the mother within this period. Disrupted sleep at this phase is able to damage a baby's associating abilities later. Once your baby reached to 6-8 weeks period, sleeping habits start to more or less to be formed. They sleep shorter at days and longer at nights. Usually, the reason for waking up is the need to be fed.

Infant period (4-12 months)

After the 3rd month, the new phase of development starts. This stage differs a little from others. Babies sleep 10 hours on average during the night and couple of hours within a day at different times. In general, they sleep the whole night and rarely wake up for feeding. Despite having a formed sleeping routine, your baby might periodically awake at night a couple of times. Flashes of the development process are the main reason. It is temporary and usually lasts until the sixth month. The social skills of a baby significantly evolve. Their sleeping habits during the period depend on their sense of being secure and emotionally connected with their parents. Parents can observe separation anxiety at this stage. If your baby has it, sleeping without the presence of a parent will be hard. Your baby will often tend to be in arms.

Toddler period (1-2 years)

At this phase, children learn to be more independent. Their cognitive and social skills start to boost up. As a result, their sleeping routine might be affected. It might be harder to fall asleep and your baby might become bad-tempered. It is recommended to support the quality of their sleep for not damaging behavioural skills in the future. Usually, at this period, they should sleep approximately 11 hours at night and 1-time day sleep for around 3 hours.

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are some ways to positively affect and shape the sleeping routine of the children. First of all, consider a baby cot. Does not matter if you choose to purchase a cot or a baby cot bed. It should provide maximum comfort for the baby's healthy and constant sleep. Surely, security here is also very essential. If you decide to go for a a href"" title="cot bed" alt="cot bed"/>cot bed with mattress, be sure that the cot mattress is done with absolutely safe materials and matches with the standards. These rules are relevant to a toddler bed as well.
Once you organized a comfortable and safe sleeping place for your baby, it is time to teach something. Teach the difference between day and night. In the first 2 weeks, it is not useful since they have their unique routine. However, later some actions are helpful in teaching it. During the day, try to keep the environment very bright and with light.  When it is night, minimize the light and noise. It is recommended to not play with your baby during the nights.
You also need to learn something. Observe your baby and learn their signs. For example, if your baby rubs the eyes, pulls the ear and is fussier than the usual it means a nap time for your little one came. Provide those frequent naps especially in the first periods. It is better to put your baby to bed even if they are awake but sleepy.

Overall, you should do everything for a good sleep of your little one since it is vital for their development and health.