Sleeping is a magical process in the life of newborn babies. It is the time when the development processes in their brains and the whole organism become active. Therefore, it is crucial to provide the right conditions for your baby to sleep. Choosing a cot bed is one part of the task, the other side requires to be careful about the cot bed mattress. Since your child will be in direct contact mostly with the mattress, it is essential to ensure the safety of it. The place where your child will sleep needs to be completely comfortable for a deep sleep. It proves once more that choosing a proper cot bed mattress is crucial. But what is proper mattress?
Making sure that the mattress supports the body is important. Babies grow at rapid speed during the first years. Mattresses should back your little one from the early ages to a toddler period. Foam mattress for infants can be an excellent option here. They are designed to cover the growing needs of the babies and keeps them safe. Durability is another important issue. The purchased mattress should last long enough for the cot bed period. Here sprung mattress is usually more favourited. The mattress should stay clean and dry. They should have a cover that can be easily removed, changed or washed easily. Mostly innerspring mattresses come with PVC covers that might be a problem to change in the situations of necessity. Meanwhile, foam mattress' covers are comfortable to change and washable in the machines. All the covers need to be waterproof.

There are some other rules as well. Cot bed mattress should be firm, flat, and breathable. It should perfectly fit the cot bed. Cot bed mattresses commonly made in two sizes. The first one is 60x120, while the second is 70x140. There should be no gaps that can cause a danger to an infant's life. It is better to buy a cot bed with mattress to avoid the size fitting issues. Experts highly recommend avoiding second-hand mattresses. Usually, they lose firmness after a couple of years. If you have the one remained from the previous babies or the given one, you need to check some essential points carefully. The mattress needs to be in good condition. As it was mentioned before, good condition means firmness, flatness. It should not be soft and fit the cot bed fully with no gaps. Hygiene factors are highly significant, be sure that it is has been carefully cleaned and dried. You need to check that it was used with a waterproof cover before and you have to continue using it with such cover as well. Lastly, there should be no holes, tears, or cracks.

If you purchase a cot bed with mattress set from our online store, you can be sure that your child is in the entirely safe atmosphere. The mattresses that come with the offered cot beds are made with high elastic foam and Aloe Vera breathable cover. They are certified with British Standard BS1877 for safety and performance and BS7177 for flammability. Moreover, our cot beds are safe as well by conforming to British safety standards (BSEN716) and other European Union standards. All our products are made in EU with the suppliance of materials from Italy and Spain. MrHousey is happy with providing your little one with the comfortable and safe sleeping zone for healthy development.