What type of sofa should I choose?

With your sofa being the place to relax and spend time with family and friends, choosing the right one is an important decision. With shape, style and fabric to consider, here is our guide to choosing the right one for your home environment.


  • It may be tempting to go for the biggest sofa you can squeeze into your room, but go too large and you will make your room look smaller than it is as well as spoiling the aesthetic.
  • Always measure the depth, width and length of the sofa and consider how easy it will be moved around once it is in place.
  • If you have low ceilings, a lower back sofa will look more in keeping with the room’s dimensions.
  • Remember that you need to get the sofa into the room so consider doorways as well as hallways and turning points.
  • Small sofas are ideal for cosying up in any size room and give the smaller room dimension
  • If you crave the relaxation of a reclining sofa, always consider space when in full position both to the front and behind


  • The iconic 2,3 and 4-seater sofa has a timeless appeal and are easy to consider in your room’s look.
  • Corner sofas are sociable and great for socialising. They are also a good solution to tricky corners and unused spaces, maximising on your square footage.
  • L-shaped sofas are ideal for open-plan living, creating a natural divide.
  • C-shaped sofas add interest and a curvaceous appeal to otherwise square shaped rooms.
  • U-shaped sofas add a contemporary twist and create a focal point
  • Modular options give you sofa and style versatility as well as being ideal for homes where you would otherwise struggle to manoeuvre a sofa in. 


  • The sofa-bed is ideal for providing extra sleeping capacity, especially where space is compromised
  •  Always consider your preferred style, whether contemporary, vintage or classic. A sofa is a furniture item that will stay with you for a while so loving its look is important!
  • Consider your fabric choice in terms of wearability for your use. Fabrics can naturally wear so it is good to match your usage to your fabric sensibly.
  • Match your sofa colour to your walls for a neutral, blended look, or go bold and embrace the current intentional mismatch trend. Remember that colourfull sofa will look amazing however grey sofas are timeless and best selling. 

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