Sleeping is an essential part of human being starting from birth. It provides with healthy development and energy gaining for a new day. Babies most of their time sleeping during the early periods of their life. Therefore, they require a sleeping zone with the right conditions. Before, the types of children beds were not such diverse. Babies slept in cribs, while kids went to bed. Later, toddler beds appeared in the selection and made parents confused. They were not sure about the necessity of a toddler bed. So, the question appears. Does your kid need this bed or it is better to stay in a crib until being ready for a regular bed?


Experts recommend low levelled beds for the safety of toddlers. Once your baby learned and started to climb out of the cot, it is dangerous to keep them in it. As a result, it is a must to keep their bed as lower to the ground as possible. Toddler beds are not high that means less distance to fall for active toddlers. Toddler bed come in different designs and shapes. Some of them are unique with exclusive themes and decorations. You can find a race car shaped bed, or princess carriage shaped one for your little toddlers. Such designs are helpful and motivate your children to go to bed at night. It is essential due to the sleep demand of a toddler. When they lack enough sleep, they behave like tired adults. Children that are two years old requires 11-14 hours of sleep, and this number decreases to 11-13 hours with three and five years old children. Therefore, parents should pay special attention to the sleeping condition of their children.


Safety here is another crucial factor. Consider some points regarding safety, If you decide to purchase a toddler bed. The materials of the bed should be made from absolutely safe materials. The mattress should follow the same rules and conform to standards. Some parents prefer any form of a toddler bed than a bunk bed, which is another favourite alternative. The reason is the high distance from the ground and risk of falling. Some parents, unfortunately, are limited with the budget. They can still provide the required conditions. Instead of a toddler bed, you can simply buy a mattress and place it on the floor. This cost-effective solution will save your budget and provide a comfortable, safe sleeping place. Floor beds became a new trend with its advantages. House toddler bed are also a good alternative. This floor beds with house frames provide a comfortable, ground bed and please with its look at the same time.

As a result, toddler beds need to be considered by parents. They create a more safe sleep atmosphere and increases the will of your child to go to bed. You can get such toddler bed at our online store. MrHousey presents you single kids bed in various designs and shapes that will please your child. You can get comfortable and safe toddler beds providing a serene ambience at affordable prices. Enjoy the high-quality and delightfully designed products from MrHousey.