If you look for the perfect storage solution please read this short article. We hope it will help you matching the best shelf for your needs.  Scroll down for some inspirations and smart storage ideas for floating shelves and shelving units

What type and material shelves should I buy?

The most important questions is where do you plan to hang your new wall shelves. For different rooms and interiors – different types of shelving units is more suitable.

The style, material and size of the shelves should be matching other furniture items in the rooms. Shelving unit is rarely designed to stand out. It is rather useful and decorative item.

When  you are looking to hang floating shelves in your hallway, units with hooks and cubbies for hanging keys or storing mail would be helpful for eliminating clutter.

The shelves for dining room or living room are mostly used to put some accessories , souvenirs or decorations. These should be stylish or simple depending on the general design of the interior.

For rooms like the bathroom or garage, the conditions of the space may have an impact and dictate the material or type of shelving that should be used. For example, humidity of a bathroom may not be best for wood shelves, and the constant exposure to the outdoor elements and heat of a garage may call for more industrial grade metal units.

What should I put on floating shelves?

As mentioned above the floating shelves can be used for different purposes. Sometimes it is only a practical usage in the hallway to leave your keys or letters.

Books are also often placed on the shelves when you have no space for a large bookcase.

Maybe you are planning to line framed artwork against the wall? In that case a lip in the front of the shelving will secure the frames on the shelf and perfectly angle the art for viewing.

You have to remember that hanging shelves are not as  stable items as furniture standing on the floor. When you have some heavier and more substantial objects to put, you would require stronger brackets and materials for the shelves in order to prevent running low. Another reasonable idea is to mount the shelves on wall studs.

The tiered shelves are good idea for displaying a collection. It will keep all of your valuables in a single line of vision, as intended.

How can I make a wall shelf look decorative?

The best feature of the floating shelves is that these have interior mounting systems that enable them to appear as if they simply float on the walls. That makes them already look nice and light in any interior.

However for traditional style design rooms a shelving with decorative mounting brackets are more rustic and can even border on utilitarian. By exposing the hardware that makes them work, you create more of an industrial and architecturally driven space.

If you want to expose the items on the shelves there should be not to many of them. You should never overdo it with the amount of decorative gadgets on the floating shelves.

Another great thing about the wall shelves is that they get your things off the floor and organize them at eye level. First, it helps  you keep your floors clutter-free and keep your precious items  at a safer distance from the floor. Second, you and your guests are able to admire all of your acquired and collected souvenirs and collections at a closer glance.