Buying a sofa is often a big investment and always difficult choice to make. Should  you not have an interior designer with a lot of ideas and palette of great fabrics and colours, do not give up. In fact, picking the coulour is already half way through. But even that’s a bit of a challenge.  Our recommendation is to go with something that doesn’t leave you boxed in.


Sofa of your choice should be flexible enough to go with a new house or a new decor scheme. Therefore a right colour and style of the piece are very important.

Please check some of our suggestions of which upholstery fabric colours would give you the freedom to change accessories and décor ideas with your sofa still matching them nice and smooth.

It is always a good idea to order some fabric samples before you make your final choice.



A white sofa is always timeless. It will fit in almost any type of interiors and won’t contrast any of your other furniture in the room. A great option is that you can change whatever accessories you want, just to suit your mood.

Also cream or ivory colour sofas offer much flexibility. This is a classic color to be paired with black but also an interesting partner with navy blue, red or gray.

Choice of colour is one, the right fabric is another. Therefore, when buying white or cream upholstery fabric, make sure if it is stain-resistant. If not, try to opt for a fabric that can still easily be cleaned or bleached if necessary.



Brown sofas may sometimes be considered to be old fashioned.  I also have been out of favor since gray became such a popular color. Nevertheless,  brown is still a real classic and always in style. Different shades of brown from light coffee to chocolate brown work great for traditional design interiors.



Grey is very popular choice for both classic and contemporary style living rooms. A light gray sofa will go beautifully with warm wood tones and chalky walls. You can add all different accessories with a flare of color and never spoil it.

Dark grey sofa pairs well with jewel tones as well as black and white. Because gray has many personalities, the color is still going incredibly strong in design. You can find all sort of sofa styles and shapes that look great with grey upholstery fabric.



Nature inspired colours are also very trendy choice for your sofa fabric. Soft, muted blues, turquoise, sea green or olive green work very well as a neutral base.

However, you have to be more careful to match it with other furniture in you interiors. The soft greens and blues should not be contrasted to much.



When picking up a fabric for your new sofa and you want it to be versatile piece of furniture, stay with rather soft, muted or naturalized shades.