Improvement of technologies brought additional functionalities to living rooms. Modern living rooms should entertain besides relaxation feature. The entertaining elements in the place are our TVs, satellite boxes, gaming consoles, and many other devices. Such a high amount of devices requires a proper organisation to not damage the overall interior look of your living room. Therefore, designers created, improved, and continue to come with new innovative furniture items since TVs entered our life. These furniture pieces are called TV stands or media units. The differences in interiors, room sizes, styles, decorations made designers come with various solutions for each place. As a result, there are diverse types of TV stands you can find in the market.

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TV units vary for different aspects. One of them is design. Lately, the most popular style is the open shelving design. It creates less obtrusive and more an open visual look. Usually, is equipped with a central frame holding several shelves. The console type media units provide useful shelving and large surface area. Mostly they have closed shelving and a rectangular shape. Their shape and design add extra decoration look to the place. The TV stands with audio towers are beneficial for full entertainment corner organization. The pair of tall shelves from the sides allow placing speakers and other supporting devices. If your living room has a small area you can go for hutch models. It combines cabinetry and TV unit functions in one furniture element. The swivel TV units will give you a rotating structure. It will allow you to angle in any direction you wish. Such a function makes it excellent for TV models without a rotating structure. One of the trending models in modern style is the floating TV stands. They do not occupy any place on the floor and are mounted to the wall. You can place the television on top or mounted to the wall as well above the floating unit. There are furniture items called "Entertainment Center" that is larger than any other standard TV cabinet. They contain many functions. Broad shelving capacity gives you a chance to place various things starting from electronic devices to the books and art decorations.

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Another important detail affecting the choice is the material. Wooden TV stands are the most common ones by being the most traditional furniture material. Usually, the luxurious models come in wood with delicate details and rich tones. When it comes to the metal models, they have lightweight in comparison with the wooden ones. Metal TV units are slimmer and often come with novel forms and unique patterns. As a result, it is a very popular direction in modern style. Glass models increase their popularity day by day. They create a perfect clutter-free space and look delightfully in the place.

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TV furniture items come in different styles and designs to ideally match interiors. The freshest, new designs despite the material and look are included under contemporary style TV stands. Scandinavian TV units are among leading ones as well. They are excellent to deliver progressive appearance to the place. People admiring classic interiors will go for a traditional style that is rich with wood tones and have a timeless, natural look. The ones made with minimalist lines and unique appearance are accepted as modern TV stands. Rustic style is a very specific design illustrating old fashioned, woodsy vision. One of the latest trending interior styles is industrial. Designers created special TV cabinet matching such atmosphere with factory visuals of hard steel, used wood and other dark shades.

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