Bring a look of contemporary perfection to your living space with the arrival of the enviably modernistic Toronto high gloss furniture range.

Combining high-gloss white with oak veneer, the Toronto range consists of display cabinets, coffee tables, sideboards, TV units and shelving, all with a look that is designed to create a ‘wow’ statement in any living space.

High-gloss white has been a hugely popular decor look in recent years and is showing no signs of its popularity waning. Perfect for updating a room’s look, the brightness of the white with a shine that catches the light brightens your living space which looks bigger as a result with an enhanced feeling of happiness and positivity.

The addition of oak veneer brings a stunning contrast to the furniture, elevating it to a whole new level of show-stopping excellence. Whilst oak still appeals to the more traditional furniture buyers, it is now a preferred choice of furniture fashionistas. Bringing the gloss white and oak together is quite simply a moment of design genius.

As well as having a look to fall in love with, the Toronto range doesn’t disappoint when it comes to quality and usability. The shape of the designs has a structured and defined vibe and there is a definite retro feel to the range. Quirky detail such as smoothed edge open units and eccentric chamfering makes this the perfect furniture range for those are not afraid of not conforming to the furniture norm. And with the generosity of size meaning this is not a case of style over substance, all items do the job they are meant to do in superior fashion.

Better still, many of the items come with inbuilt LED lighting, ensuring that this remarkable furniture range will shine bright day or night.