Kid's furniture designs also continue to develop year by year. There are new trends that become popular by both parents and their kids. One of such new trending designs is the teepee beds. They also inspired by Scandinavian furniture design and delivering a fairytale atmosphere to any room. Teepee beds follow Montessori practice as well. You can find these floor beds in various sizes and colours. However, all have a common point of reminding tents. Another point about teepee beds is their minimalism. The minimalist style, in fact, giving you more opportunities to customize it and add something from you. Do not have any ideas about decoration yet? We prepared some tips for you!

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One of the most commonly used decorations is a canopy. It is possible to find a canopy with any patterns and design. The main differentiating factor of the canopies is about the coverage. Some of them fully cover the bed giving a real tent look. Some kids prefer exactly such canopies since it gives them a sense of enclosure and private space. The other types appear as just a decoration by surrounding the bed only half. Some parents leave the bed without a canopy and stress the beauty of it with other elements.

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Despite you will add a canopy or will prefer without it, lights will be a beautiful addition. Especially during the evenings they will give a marvellous look to the bed and create a fairytale atmosphere in the kid's room. You can replace the lights with garlands as well. It is another pretty decoration type to create a nice combination. The biggest plus of the garlands is their diverse variety. You can find a garland with almost any design starting from flags to pom poms. Hanging a dreamcatcher will nicely continue the whole image.

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Do not forget to add some pillows and cushions to complete the decoration story of toddler bed. All these accessories together will create a lovely and dreamy ambience in the kid's room. Your kid will enjoy every second and you will be happier. All these points make tipi bed a worth to consider option for your little one. Our online store is the right place to search for a suitable teepee bed